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The Friday Five – How to Say Hello and Thank you

Backpack with Brock has been to a number of different countries at this point and has learned to say hello and thank you, among other things, in a variety of different languages. This week he shares 5 of those ways with you. Do you have a unique way of saying hello and thank you? Share [...]

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The New Zealand Round Up

Missed something on Backpack With Brock? Want a quick ‘catch up’? Well, here is the New Zealand Round Up to bring you up to speed!

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Farewell New Zealand…

It is officially time for Brock to say so long to New Zealand and take on Australia!
 Ready…set…GO! Keep an eye out for a feature on the beauty of New Zealand.

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An Update From New Zealand

It’s my last days in New Zealand, so its time to catch up to speed. If you would like to check out the Auckland Explorer Bus you can do so at: http://www.explorerbus.co.nz/ Or the Skytower in Auckland at: www.skytower.co.nz

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The ‘Backpack with Brock Food Byte’ – New Zealand’s Mince & Cheese Pies

Here’s a delicious little treat that is a must in New Zealand. Meat pies are taken very seriously, even by the police. (You likely have to be from New Zealand or Australia to find this funny, but here it is anyway)

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Updates from Wellington, New Zealand

Time for an update! Check out InterCity below: www.intercity.co.nz

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A Maori Experience with Tamaki – Rotorua, New Zealand

I have the amazing opportunity while visiting Rotorua, New Zealand, to learn about the Maori people with Tamaki. To check this out for yourself visit: www.globalstorytellers.com

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Luging at Skyline Skyrides – Rotoura, New Zealand

In Canada, we luge on ice. Here in Rotorua, New Zealand, it’s on wheels. I zip down the hills with my newest friend Ben at the Skyline Skyrides. For information visit: www.skylineskyrides.co.nz

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The Friday Five – Things To Do in New Zealand

This week on the Friday Five, it’s 5 things you should do/see when visiting beautiful New Zealand! Note to self: Don’t film early in the morning right after you wake up.

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Zorb Globe Riding in Rotorua, New Zealand

During my visit Rotorua, New Zealand, I also get the chance to try Zorb Globe Riding. This is one wild experience that leaves me a little dizzy. You can get more information and try this exciting adventure by checking out: www.zorb.com Tell them ‘Backpack With Brock’ sent you.

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Hell’s Gate Geothermic Park & Spa in Rotorua, New Zealand

Geothermal Park & Spa from BWB on Vimeo. For more information and to check Hell’s Gate out for yourself visit: www.hellsgate.co.nz Have fun!

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Chillin’ in Auckland New Zealand

After a few days in Auckland, New Zealand…it seemed time for an update. Great Couchsurfing experiences and wonderful people to get the trip off on the right foot.

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The Friday Five – Tips for Your First Few Days on the Road

You do a lot of prep before you start backpacking, but what about those first couple days? The adjustment period if you will? Here’s Five things every backpacker should know about their first few days on the road. Big thanks to Chloe & Keiran. You guys rock and made that bus ride awesome!

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Brock Has Arrived in Auckland, New Zealand!

The very first post from abroad.

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