A Quick Thank You For All Your Recent Blog Love!

You can watch it above – or – read it below! Hey Crew! I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to you all for your fantastic blog love through this month. Since I began posting everyday through the month of March, I’ve been floored at the incredible of action happening here on…


Distillery District Toronto

Springing into Spring, Sunshine and Satisfaction!

  Happy Spring!! Well, from the Northern Hemisphere of course… The time has finally come when the leaves will grow on trees, the sunlight of each day will last longer and the temperature will rise enough that we won’t have to dawn sweaters, mittens, scarves, boots, hats and thick jackets to avoid turning into a…


Iqauzu Falls Brazil

Iguazu Falls, Brazil – Water, Wildlife and Wonderment

Having enjoyed time sliding down a rock waterfall in Paraty Brazil, my last stop in Brazil was Iquazu Falls, at the border of Argentina. The bus ride, via Sao Paolo was LOOOONG but it was made much easier by my travel buddies: Katie, Leila & Julia. The three British gals who I had met in…


Brock’s Travel Blog Round Up – March 18th, 2012

Another week, another travel blog round up. I came across more great content this week then before. Perhaps it’s that I’m actively keep an eye out knowing that when Sunday comes around I’ll need to put this post together. This time around around, we’ve got a girl falling off a camel, a colourful parrot, a…


Videos of Ireland

Happy St. Patrick’s Day: My 5 Videos of Ireland

Well, folks – Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Your day to drink glass after glass of green beer (alcoholic or not) has at long last come again. Yesterday I shared with you my 9 best photos of Ireland, and today, continuing the Irish theme, I’d like to bring together my videos of Ireland in one post. Grab…


Blarney Castle

My 9 Best Photos Of Ireland

With St. Patrick’s Day just a night away, it seems only appropriate that today’s (and tomorrow’s) posts be dedicated to the land of green. I’ve never put together a photo story of sorts and I figured I’d give it a shot with some of my best pictures of Ireland. I only had 9 or 10…


My Spork

The Spork: A Bid Farewell To My Favourite Travel Item

My Spork has broken. It is a sad, sad day. You might thinking, ‘Brock is delusional… he’s mourning a piece of plastic?’ While there may be some validity in that assumption, I’ve still got a case. I have often acclaimed that the ‘Spork’ is my favourite travel item, like in my ‘Best Things in My Pack‘ video.…


Daily Happiness

The March of ‘Happiness & a Post a Day’ Check-In

At the start of this month I wrote a post called ‘Marching into March with Happiness‘ in which I made two commitments: 1) To lead with happiness by finding happiness first before striving for goals. Rather than working to reach those goals to obtain happiness, I learnt that having that happiness from the beginning would help me not only…


Market in Veitnam

Snapshot: Black Market in Vietnam

A market in Vietnam. But not just any market, a black market! I recall snapping this photo like it was yesterday. After the incident in my first Hanoi hostel where the my fellow travellers, Suzie, Meghan and myself got locked in a room before heading out on one of those Vietnam that takes you to Halong Bay, we…


Fab & Vivien #5

Brock’s Travel Blog Round Up – March 11, 2012

Well, I’m giving it another go! Last week I put together my first Travel Blog Round Up where I gave shout outs to some of the content that had caught my eye in the travel blogosphere. To wrap up this week, I’ve selected some more of my fav’s and shared with them below. Take a few…


Toronto Airport

Cool Video of Planes Taking Off at Toronto Pearson International Airport

I recently had this fantastic video shared with me that was featured on the website of the Toronto Star, Canada’s largest newspaper. The video, shot at Toronto Pearson International Airport (also known as YYZ), blends footage of planes taking off, maneuvering around the tarmac and still shots of the airport itself. Although taken on a cloudy day the…


The Friday Five – What To Do In 2012

It’s Friday Five Time!! Something told me this morning it was a good day for a Friday Five…although tech issues are now sending a different message. This Friday 5 features five places to visit and things to do in 2012. Either you can watch above or read it below. While reading is fun…the video is…