Green Hills Scotland

Snapshot: The Green Hills of Scotland

I distinctly remember the moment I took this photo. I was on a full day journey from Edinburgh, Scotland to Cork, Ireland. It was quite a distance to complete in one day by land (train, taxi & foot) & sea (ferry). The train I was on was making it’s way from Glasgow to the port…


South African Potjiekos

The Backpack With Brock Foodbyte: South Africa Edition

During my RTW trip, as I maintained this video blog, I was very fortunate to have a pit crew back in Canada making sure that my Facebook page was updated, emails were followed up and most importantly – that my pictures and videos (all 20,000 of them) were safely backed up. Twice. At the helm of my…


Captain & Clark NYC LEGO Video

Brock’s Travel Blog Round Up – March 4th, 2012

Being a travel blogger, I’m pretty tapped into other travel blogs because, well, it’s my job. I come across incredible content via Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, RSS and a bunch of other outlets that contribute to my already brutal attention span. For a while now, I’ve wanted to put together a post that gathered some…


Marching Into March With Happiness!

Happy March everyone!  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I love the 1st of the month – in the same way that I love New Years & Mondays. You can make a fresh start any old day but something about the start of a week, month or year just makes it…


Venice Sunset

Snapshop: Venice At Sunset – Where Would You Not Travel?

That right there folks is beautiful Venice at sunset. The sun was slowly setting on my last day in Italy’s sinking city when I snapped this photo. Last week I posted the above photo on the Backpack With Brock Facebook page with the following statement: Everyone always asks: ‘Where would you LOVE to travel to?’ Today,…


Put A Little Love In Your Heart

Put A Little Love In Your Heart – Mixing Love and Travel!

It’s Valentine’s Day!  Though I’m sure you don’t need me to remind you. All around the world people are telling those around them how they feel, while some are being that ‘Bitter Betty’ and grumping about the obvious signs of love all over the place. I personally enjoy V-Day. Yes, you should spread love all…


Snapshot: The ‘That Was Tasty’ Lion Photo

This lion photo was taken while one of my looooong time dreams was coming true. Since I was a little kid I wanted to experience The Great Migration. In October 2010 – that hope became a reality. I set out on a 3 day safari through Kenya’s Maasai Mara. We saw most of the big…


Video Editing

I Dropped The Blogger Ball

When it comes to blogging, I’ve dropped the ball. Not completley…it touched the ground…5 second rule still applies. The key to the 5 second  rule though is that you pick it up quickly, dust it off and then REALLY savour it. This is the case for ‘Backpack With Brock’. You see, I love my blog.…