Angel of the North

Five Things To Do And See In The Newcastle, UK Region

  Newcastle, located in northern England has many sites of interest and locations to see when visiting Great Britain. Even if you are on a budget, you can still enjoy all of the wonderful and entertaining options that this area has to offer.   If you are a considering spending time in the region, or in…


Happy New Year – Here’s to 2012!

I spent New Years Eve at Nathan Phillip Square in Toronto, Canada! I managed to get some footage of the countdown and threw in a special little message from myself! Allow me to wish you a very Happy New Year and all the best in 2012! Got any  New Year’s Resolutions? Share them with me in…


Subway Transportation

7 Subway Transportation Systems From Around The World

  7 of the Biggest Subway Transportation Systems from Around the World I’m a sucker for public transit, specifically subway transportation. Whenever I visit a city, I make a point of heading underground and riding the metro to a few different stops around town. There is so much you can learn by simply experiencing the…


It’s My Birthday!: A Look Back on 2011

Today is my Birthday! I am 24. Many people don’t like birthdays. I love them. I see it as a chance to reflect on the past year’s accomplishments, challenges, lessons, and experiences while setting goals and aspirations for the coming year – much like New Years. With a late birthday, I get to hit two…


Mobile Hot Dog Vendor

A Mobile Hot Dog Vendor? – Photo Post

I’ve seen some pretty RANDOM things while travelling the world but this ‘Mobile’ Hot Dog Vendor, that I spotted in Berlin, Germany, is in a class all it’s own! Back in my home, Toronto, we have Street Meat. Essentially, they are hot dog stands that sell hot dogs, sausages and cold drinks. After a day of…


Paraty Brazil

Paraty, Brazil – Sliding Down A Waterfall

After a fantastic time in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil I headed about 4 hours south to a lovely little place called Paraty. Complete with beaches, nature and even an old quarter with cobblestone streets, Paraty is a wonderful place to visit. The best and my personal favourite part about Paraty is the rock waterfall you can slide…


Pictures of Halloween

Halloween Ain’t Just For Kids in Toronto, Canada

I love Halloween! Heck, I even love pictures of Halloween! It’s the one time of year you can dress up as whatever or whoever you like, and nobody will wonder why. This past week, here in Canada, there was no doubt it was the end of October. If you are from a country where the…


A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Brock’s Newest Venture!

Friends, may I present to you: Backpack With Brock Adventure Coaching ^ (That’s a link – go ahead and click it) ^ When I set out on my own trip around the world in 2010, I knew I had discovered something I was extremely passionate about. Travel. As I traveled from place to place, exploring different countries…


Snapshot: My Best Zebra Picture

My Best Zebra Picture From the Masai Mara A year ago today, I visited the Masai Mara in Kenya to experience The Great Migration and created this safari video of the experience. One of my favourite shots I took was this Zebra picture. We had been driving around all day seeing zebra after zebra (there…


How To Book A Flight

How To Book A Flight: 5 Myths You Should Know About

Do you know how to book a flight? You do eh? Alright, how many flights take off each year? Got ya! It’s a tough stat to know for certain but a quick Google search will tell you at least 15 million. Fifteen MILLION!?! That’s insane. With air travel becoming more accessible every year as people learn…


Celebrating United Nations World Tourism Day 2011

This past Tuesday September 27th 2011 was the United Nations World Tourism Day. Did you know? Don’t feel bad – I didn’t either. Until however I was invited to an event in Toronto, Canada called: The Future of Tourism. Held at the beautiful Winter Garden Theatre, the event looked where tourism is going (or should…