Snapshot: Thai Monk Reading the Newspaper

I took so many photos in Thailand. Thousands in fact! Of all the temples, beaches, markets and people, one my favourite and best pictures of Thailand is of this Thai monk reading a Thai newspaper. With Bangkok busteling around him, he his taking a quiet moment to relax on a park bench and catch up…


The #ReaderLove Challenge

I love statistics and useless facts. Little bits of information to get you thinking. As a blogger one of the many sources of information I have access to is my Google Analytics. It’ provides me with information on everything from the number of visits I get to my site each day to the types of…


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Pt. II: Dancing at the Samba School

In Part II of Rio do Janeiro, Brazil, Brock cooks up a storm with his new travelling buddies Katie, Julia and Leila, chills on the Copacabana beach, then dances up a storm at the Samba School, one of the many great things to do when in the coastal city. The night’s festivities, full of dancing,…


Crossing Canada By Train: Part One

I’m on the longest train ride of my life. Not metaphorically, in fact it’s going by quite quickly. But at two and half days, this is the greatest amount of time I have spent on a train, bus or in a car for that matter, even beating out a two day train I took from…


The Friday Five – Packing for Long Train Journeys

Canada is a big country. Actually, no, big doesn’t cut it. Canada is GIGANTIC!! I needed to get out west and while flying is the quickest option, I wanted to see the landscape of Canada. So, I hopped on a two and a half day train journey across the country (and I didn’t even go…


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Sunset on Sugar Loaf

My week in London, England was the relaxing break I needed after spending nearly a month in Kenya. Now, with 31 countries and over 9 months of backpacking under my belt, it was time to venture to the final continent of my RTW journey: South America. My first stop would be the continents largest country,…


An Injury in India – Do You Have Travel Insurance?

When I travel, I do not leave home without insurance. The thought of going without does not even cross my mind. Sure, nothing will likely happen – BUT – what if something does? At that point it’s too late and you can quickly find yourself drowning in hospital bills. It’s simply not worth it. What…


Budget Spa Breaks: Take a Break When You’re Travelling

If you’re intending to travel for a while but you’re a bit worried about the effects of backpacking and partying for too long, there are a number of amazing spa resorts and hotels around the world that help travellers get a real taste of luxury and get your physical health back to tip top condition.…


Happy Canada Day!

As a very proud Canadian, there are few days greater then Canada Day – our nation’s birthday. Today ‘The Great White North’ turns 144 and to celebrate this day here on Backpack with Brock – I figured I share with you a fantastic song & video produced by fellow Canadians Julia Bentley & Andrew Gunadie.…


A Wayback Playback – Eating Bugs in China

It was a bet. A gross bet. My friends Jane and Caitlin put money down to have me eat a grasshopper, stinky tofu, starfish, seahorse and worst of all: a scorpion during my visit to Asia. While in China, I convinced my three travel buddies, Carlea, Ash and Ben to join in the fun and…


The New Logo & Business Card

The logo. It’s one of the most important and key aspects of any company and successful marketing. As Backpack with Brock has grown quite substantially in the past year, it was time to step things up a notch and get a real, snazzy logo. Enter: Charles – The Designer. After bouncing ideas back and a…


Film Spotlight: Time Travel by Ben Lean

Toronto, my home, is my favourite city in the world. Full Stop.

Take a few minutes and take a look at Toronto through the lens of Ben Lean, a videographer who created this short film of Toronto which he refers to as ‘The City in Motion – Life in the Fast Lane.