The Friday Five – 5 Random Flying Tips

This week on the Friday Five, we’re talking about flying! It’s five random tips to thinking about before and after you are up in the air. Whether it’s a long flight across an ocean, or a quick cheap flight to a nearby city – hopefully these tips will come in handy! If you would like…


Nairobi, Kenya – Africa, Here I Am!

Finally, what you’ve been waiting for: Backpack with Brock arrives in Kenya! After a flight from London to Paris, then Paris to Nairobi, I land on my 4th continent of this journey around the world, Africa! Spending my first couple days getting adjusted in Nairobi, I stay with the wonderful Momma Monica and her family.…


The Friday Five – What’s To Come…

This week on the Friday 5, it’s all about the future. There really haven’t been many videos, besides the Friday Five for the last little why but I promise…there is more to come. MUCH more. So stay tuned as the goodness is right around the corner!

The Friday Five – A Morbid To Do List

There are many fun, exciting things to take care of before you leave on a trip around the world, however, like with most cases of planning, there are some not so fun items to check off your to list. This week in the Friday Five, we explore 5 things you should cognizant of as you…


The Friday Five – Should Brock Write a Book?

It’s a question I’ve been asked time and time again. ‘Are you going to write a book about your trip?’ While I did not even consider it at first, the more and more I think about it, it could be a fun idea. I mean, how often do you have juicy enough material to write…


England, Pt. II – Catching up with Old Travel Buddies

As my great times in Dublin came to a close, I hopped on a flight to London, England. With my rail pass, I zipped around the country, first to Nottingham to see Ash, my travel buddy from Laos, Hong Kong and China and then to Northampton to see Carlea, my travel buddy from China. I…


Dublin, Ireland – Pubs and Irish Jigs

Having experienced the quiet, laid back side of Ireland, I knew it was high time to hit a big city. Next stop, Dublin! Thriving and full of energy, Dublin earns it reputation. The Irish continued to be as friendly as in the rest of the country. As my visit in Ireland was coming to an…


The Joys of Backpacking: Nutty Hostel Staff

Crazy stuff happens when you’re a backpacker. Moving from hostel to hostel, it’s not hard to believe that you encounter some pretty interesting characters and situations along the way. During my stay in Cork, Ireland, I encountered one of the strange situations when the staff at my hostel got a little too overprotective when it…


Killarney, Ireland – Green! Green! Green!

The next stop of the Ireland tour takes us to darling Killarney, Ireland. After a bit of walking through the streets and checking out the shops, I head to Killarney National Park to chill with Mother Nature and a sanctuary of green.

Sun Bathing for the Underwear Affair

It’s the final countdown to The Underwear Affair in Ottawa, Canada where I’ll be running 10km in my underwear to bring awareness to cancers below the belt. I will be doing the run for my friend Ben in Australia who earlier this year found out he has colorectal cancer. Since I’ve done all the physical…


The Friday Five – Sunsets

I was astounded when I found the sunset setting on my camera. With the flick of a switch, it magically brings out all the brilliant colours of the sunset I am photographing.

This Friday, I thought I’d share with you 5 of the most brilliant sunsets I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing.

Cork, Ireland – Kissing the Blarney Stone

Rainy times in Scotland meant a short, and soon I moved on to the land of leprechauns. Ireland! First stop, Cork, where the people are said to be the friendliest. While there, I pay a visit to the Blarney, give it a quick kiss, and hope for the gift of the gab. Truth be told,…