Support Brock & Ben in ‘The Underwear Affair’

On June 11, 2011 I will be participating I will be off to Ottawa, Canada to participate in The Underwear Affair. I’ve never done an organized run before…so this should be interesting. Please pass this post on to anyone you think would be interested in making a donation. You can make a donation to support…


The Friday Five – HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

It was a year ago today the Friday Five began! Fittingly I spoke about new years resolutions and this year on the Friday 5, I’m going back and assessing how successful I was making them happen!

Wishing you a wonderful, Happy New Year from here at Backpack with Brock. All the best in 2011!


Yep, it’s that time of year again when the man in the red suit comes a-callin’, bringing pressies, fantastic tunes and strawberry rhubarb pie….mmmm…

Backpack with Brock would like to take a minute to say, a little thank you!

The Friday Five – ‘Not’ Home for the Holidays

Whether it’s Christmas, Passover, Easter, Thanksgiving, heck even your birthday, being alone or away from home during the holidays can be tricky.

In the spirit of the current holiday season, this Friday Five gives you 5 ideas for you when you’re traveling abroad during a holiday.

Bet Brock – Haggis Edition

In this edition of ‘Bet Brock’ I take on Haggis! While in Scotland, my Mother wanted me to give it a try and, never wanting to back down on a good challenge I walked into a pub, and ordered a good Scottish fry up – Haggis included!


Knowle & Newcastle, England

It’s been a long time coming but Brock finally meets up with his friend Phil in the little village of Knowle. They take a tour of Stratford-upon-Avon to experience the history Shakespeare, enjoy a full English fry up then chill with the Krystic fam jam! Brock also makes a stop over in Newcastle to see…


The Friday Five – Worries About Going Home

It’s almost time for Backpack with Brock to head back home to Canada. While he is very excited for this, he also has a few concerns.

This week on the Friday Five, he shares with you these concerns. Any suggestions?

Paris, France – Wine Beneath The Eiffel Tower

It’s been a dream of mine to drink wine beneath the Eiffel Tower, so there was no way I was leaving Paris without making it a reality. While there I stayed with Romain, who I met earlier in my trip in Laos! I also toured the city at night, relaxed in some parks and visited…


Zurich, Switzerland – A City and a Lake

Six months after meeting in Siem Reap, Cambodia, I arrived in Zurich, Switzerland to catch up with Pascal! On top of showing me around his beautiful city he and his HILARIOUS mother teach me how to make raclette – a traditional Swiss dish.

Stockholm, Sweden – Cannonballs & Swedish Superstars

If there is one thing Sweden is known for, it’s creating music superstars! So, what visit to this incredible city would be complete without seeing the up and coming acts preform live?! After catchy up with my buddy Marcus and exploring the sites of the city, I head to a festival to see Darin and…


The Friday Five – Airplane Etiquette

So you’re on a plane and the person beside you grumbles when you climb over them to use the washroom. Annoying? Yes!

This week on the Friday Five, I’ve got 5 tips you can use to prevent those flying with you from despising you!

What tips do you have? Leave them in the comments below!

Copenhagen, Denmark – Bring On The Rain!

Next stop on the Backpack with Brock world tour: Copenhagen, Denmark. I only get one day here so even with the rain, I take on the city. In fact, it turns out to be a pretty great day!

I take a walk around and take in this truly beautiful city.

Berlin, Germany – The Third Reich on a Bike

Guten Tag! Welcome to Berlin, Germany. One of my favourite cities I’ve seen, Berlin is full of history and very recent history at that. After taking a history of the Third Reich bicycle tour with my new pals, I check out the Jewish Memorial, Berlin Wall and an alternative circus festival. I cant wait to…