Budapest, Hungary – Historic Flags & Hero’s Square

It’s the 4th city on the Backpack with Brock – Mom – Aunt tour!

In this video, we visit Hero’s Square, a grand market, learn about a historical flag and Momma experiences a bit of travellers fatigue. Good thing here son knows how to find her funny bone!

Venice, Italy – The Sinking City on Water!

Venice is famous for being the city built on water. Yes. Very cool. Practical? Maybe not. Not only is the city slowly sinking, but the population on average is growing older and older as all the young people move away. Understandably too. I’m never bored, but a few hours walking along the canals, I was…


The Friday Five – Stuff I Shouldn’t Have Packed

I sure spent a long time researching what to bring around the world and while I did pretty well, bringing only the essentials – there are a few select items I could have left at home. What have you brought traveling…that you should have forgot on the kitchen table instead? A special thanks to Julia…


The Pre:Travel Guide E-book by

Planning a trip? Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Then give this post a watch and consider purchasing the e-book below. In this video I give a review of the new e-book by Nathan & Sofia from Check out the e-book: The Pre: Travel Travel Guide: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Preparing for RTW Travel . Visit…


Rome, Italy Pt. II – Mom and Auntie Join the Journey

Christmas 2009 – I gave my mother ‘Backpack with Brock Bucks’. The conditions. Can only be used at an international destination otherwise…void. Basically, my way of saying: Mom, meet me somewhere. Fast forward 6 months and I’m in Rome, picking my mother and aunt up from the airport. This begins our 16 days, 7 city…


Bet Brock: Grappa Edition

At long last! Another edition of Bet Brock!

This one comes to you from Rome, courtesy of my friend Ted who bet me to drink a glass of Grappa. Little did I know, the stuff is strong enough to wash the floor with. Woo!

The Friday Five – Advantages of Traveling With a Buddy

Although I am traveling alone, I have had the opportunity of meeting many others along the way and enjoying some great destinations with them. From these experiences and speaking to other travellers who are in pairs or more, I’ve compiled a quick list of 5 advantages of traveling with a buddy!

The Friday Five – Rewards of Backpack with Brock

Setting out to video log around the world, I did not expect the amount of work constantly editing videos, blogging and even making ‘Friday Fives’ would be. With that said, there have been so many great things to come of this work and energy and this week on the Friday, I’ve decided to share them…


The Leaning Tower of Pisa – Mindy Edition

Yes, I have already seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa once but it was so fun that I wanted to stop by again with Mindy.
We take some fun photos and have a good laugh watching others taking the token Pisa photos!

The Friday Five – 5 Random Tips

It’s a random day on the Friday Five, so this week I’m giving you 5 random tips I have come up with over my time backpacking.
Leave your random tips in the comments below!