Monaco – ‘Sorry, You Can’t Leave Your Bags…’

Heading from Nice, France, to the Cinque Terre in Italy, Mindy and I thought we’d try to see Monaco along the way. Easy as pie! We show up, leave our bags in a locker and explore for two hours before hopping on our next train. Ya, not so much. Apparently, it’s forbidden to leave your…


The Friday Five – Escaping a Bad Travel Buddy

While we could all wish for perfect travel buddies, the odd time, we find ourselves with someone who isn’t fun to travel with. They are grumpy, boring, and clearly aren’t appreciate the opportunity they have in front of them. Funnily enough, it can sometimes be very difficult to shake these people and get back on…


Barcelona, Spain – Funky Buildings & Bachelor Parties

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, I was pretty confident that my visit to Barcelona, Spain would be jammed packed and anything but boring. Having just travelled from Madrid where my friend’s Fran, Blanca, Margarita & Esther showed me what to see in Madrid and with them, I experienced the World…


The Friday Five – Leave Your iPod at Home

It was a tough decision, but I’m glad I chose to leave my iPod at home as I travel around the world. Most people are shocked to hear this so in this week’s Friday Five I share with you why I left the iPod at home!

Let’s Go to Africa

One of the many great things about backpacking is you can literally wake up on any given day, and book a flight to wherever you want to go.

That’s what happens in this episode of Backpack with Brock…and we’re going to Africa!

Spain World Cup

A Spanish Victory – The FIFA World Cup 2010 Final Game

Before I came to Europe, I’ll admit I didn’t even know what the World Cup was. Surprising right? It’s one of the biggest sporting events in the world and hugely popular – though I think part of that has to do with social media and the exposure it provides to the world, who previously had…


Madrid, Spain – Cerveza (beer), Football Fever and Toledo

Since my meeting Fran, Blanca, Esther and Macarena in Halong Bay, Vietnam – I have been looking forward to my visit to Madrid, Spain. As expected, seeing them again and experiencing their city was phenomenal. Fran takes me to drink cerveza and eat cured ham, I make a day trip to medieval Toledo and I…


The Friday Five – Traveler’s Etiquette

This week on the Friday Five, we’ve got more tips on traveling etiquette. As you are traveling the world you are often encountering many cultures and people along the way. These tips should help you not become disliked by those around you. Simple things that can take you far.

Athens, Greece – A Journey to Acropolis

After spending my first day in Athens catching up on much needed rest, I planned out a full day in Athens, going back in time! In this video I visit Acropolis and the Parthenon, Ancient Angora and the Temple of Olympus Zeus!