The Friday Five: A Perfect Day in Santorini, Greece

This week on the Friday Five, we’re in Santorini, Greece.

After a wonderful visit, I’ve got 5 suggestions to help you make sure you have the perfect day when you visit the island.

If you do in make it to Santorini, send me a photo of your adventure. Have fun!

Santorini, Greece – Whitewash, Black Sand and Sunsets

Arriving in Santorini, Greece I could instantly see why everyone loves it. The whitewash buildings sitting on the cliffs are stunning and the beaches and sunset are perfection. Join me as I adventure around the island and climb the iconic 588 steps from port to village. Santorini is one place you shouldn’t miss.

The Backpack with Brock Foodbyte: Turkey Edition

For a few years I have eaten them back home in Toronto, but never knew that Doner Kebabs were from Turkey. Arriving on the train, the very first shop made my jaw drop. I was in heaven. They are cheap and tasty.
Don’t leave Turkey without trying a Doner Kebab!

Istanbul, Turkey – The Grand Bazaar and Mosques

After a very long time in Asia, I finally touch down in my first European city – Istanbul! This place is great. With it’s beautiful Mosques, the enormous Grand Bazaar and cleansing Hammans. How often can you say a big ole Turkish man gave you a bath? Certainly, a perfect kick off to the European…


The Friday Five – Challenges of Backpacking

Backpacking/Travelling is fun. It’s exciting. It’s a fantastic adventure. Alas, it can also be quite a test and often a lot of work.
This Friday, it’s 5 of the harder aspects of backpacking to help you prepare for them before you set out.

The Taj Mahal, India – The Symbol of Love

Spending nearly two months in India, it’s our very last stop – The Taj Mahal. One of the most recognizable buildings in the world, the Taj is miraculous. Join us as we travel many hours to marvel in it’s beauty.

Dharamsala, India – Tibetan Refugees and Quiet

It was our goal through all of India to make to Dharamsala (McLeod Ganj) in the north of India. After a long journey by buses and train, we made it. There we discovered a peaceful Tibetan community in the Himalayas. We took the time to relax, admire the view and help some locals with their…


The Friday Five – Getting Healthy While You Travel

It’s never fun. You’re adventuring, having a fantastic time, seeing so many new things and meeting people from all over the world – and it hits you. That tickle in your throat. The aches. The runny nose. You, are sick. The next steps are very important. You must get better as quickly as possible. And…


Jaipur Pink City

Jaipur, India – The Pink City

Since leaving our little Indian village, Jaipur will be our 3rd stop. Known as the Pink City, Jaipur is located in the state of Rajasthan and gets it’s name from the many pink buildings and pink walls that border the old city. It is here I see my first camel, stay at the fantastic Pearl…


The Backpack with Brock Foodbyte – India Edition

Here it is again, the Backpack with Brock Foodbyte. This time we are coming to you from India. There are many delicious foods in India and I am a fan of most of them. Unfortunately however, we didn’t get to eat most of the foods during our visit to the motherland. Very unfortunate. We did…


Mumbai – Elephanta Island and the Gateway of India

Stop number two on our journey to the Indian north, it’s Mumbai. One of the largest and most advanced cities in India, Mumbai to some is known as Bombay. During our visit, we check out the Gateway of India, Elephanta Island, and give our stomachs a break with some McDonalds. Yes, I know, gross right?…


Goa, India – A Train from Hell with a Paradise Finish

The time has come. After 5 weeks in the little town of Srivilliputtur, Darren and I were finally on the move again. Destination: Goa! We expected things would be pretty wonderful in Goa, but getting there wasn’t so easy. 8 hours by bus and another 19 hours on the worst train I have been on…


The Friday Five – How to Pass the Time While Waiting

No matter how or where you are traveling, you will probably spend some time waiting for your train or your connection in an airport. For some people, this can be boring and annoying. But for others, like myself, this is a fantastic opportunity to either catch up on some things or get creative with the…


A Postcard Thank You!

Just a little thanks to you all for your support, watching the videos and coming along with me on this incredible adventure!