Hanoi, Vietnam Pt I – Bai Hoi and Cowboy Bars

After a quick cheap flight, we land in Hanoi, Vietnam – the final stop on the Vietnam tour. In this episode we explore the Temple of Literature – Vietnam’s first University, hunt down the 30 cent Bai Hoi (beer) and meet a great guy named Timmy.

The Friday 5 – The Downsides of Backpacking

There are a lot of great things that come with backpacking, but like anything, there are those things that really start to get to you. 
This Friday, I’m bringing you a list of 5 things that are really grating on my nerves – as suggested by a viewer named Brent.


If you happen to check into Backpack with Brock today, Friday, April 30th – then I need your help! It’s the FINAL day to Vote in the Best Travel Job Ever Contest. We are just a few votes short of the Top 25 – our goal. This would make us eligible for the Semi-Finals. IF…


‘Bet Brock’ – Eat a Cobra

It’s the very first edition of Bet Brock! David, Ted and Sam ‘Bet Brock’ to eat a Cobra Snake and swallow the beating heart. Will he do it? It’s a longer video, but worth every minute. Gather round the family and send it to your friends. You don’t want to miss this one. In this…


The Friday Five – How Not To Get Scammed

When you’re traveling, it can be one of your biggest fears – getting scammed. It’s happened to me a few times already on this trip but hopefully these simple tips will help prevent it from happening to you.