The Friday Five – How to Barter

Once again, it almost didn’t make it, blocked by the Great Wall of China. But alas, here it is. The Friday Five. When you are in Asia, bartering is apart of every day life. You want to buy something? Prepare to barter. Here are 5 tips to make the experience a good one and save…


The Friday Five – How to Say Hello and Thank you

Backpack with Brock has been to a number of different countries at this point and has learned to say hello and thank you, among other things, in a variety of different languages. This week he shares 5 of those ways with you. Do you have a unique way of saying hello and thank you? Share…


Victory Is Ours!!

This is the follow up to the previous video – ‘Where Did Backpack with Brock Go?’ Give that a watch first if you haven’t already.

Where did Backpack with Brock Go?

Backpack with Brock has not posted any videos or content in nearly a week. But why? Is he dead? Lost his computer? Captured and imprisoned on a remote island?
Watch this video to find out!

Siem Reap, Cambodia – Angkor Wat

After a 30-hour journey from the beaches of southern Thailand, I arrive in Siem Reap, Cambodia – home of the Angkor temples. In this video, join me to travel across the Cambodia Border from Thailand to Camboida (Bangkok to Siem Reap) and then explore Angkor City, the largest of them all being – Angkor Wat!…