The Friday Five – The Best Things in My Pack

You guessed it. It’s the Friday Five! When you’re backpacking for a long time, you tend to really like and dislike some things in your backpack. In this edition of the Friday Five, I’d like to share with you 5 of my favourite things in my backpack and why I think they are so great.…


The Terrifying Drive…

I had to return the Hippie Camper before flying back to Sydney. Only problem was…I had never driven manual by myself before. All turned out fine but I was a little shooken up.

The New Zealand Round Up

Missed something on Backpack With Brock? Want a quick ‘catch up’? Well, here is the New Zealand Round Up to bring you up to speed!

The Friday Five – 5 Bad Excuses for Not Travelling

IIt’s coming to you a bit later in the day due to some internet issues, but nevertheless, The Friday Five is here. This week’s edition is a bit longer than usual but if you’re someone who wants to travel yet has some sort of reservation….then I’d give this a watch. You can make travel a…


The Great Ocean Road Trip

During a quick stopover to Melbourne, Australia from Sydney, Joel suggested we take a little road trip down the Great Ocean Road. It was absolutely stunning. Apologies for the ‘wind.’

Check out Hippie Camper for both Australia and New Zealand road trips at:

Farewell New Zealand…

It is officially time for Brock to say so long to New Zealand and take on Australia!
 Ready…set…GO! Keep an eye out for a feature on the beauty of New Zealand.