Telling The Time in Ancient China

During our meanderings through Beijing, I came across a display showing some of the ways they used to tell time in ancient China (and other parts of the world I can only assume) before there were clocks as we know them today. One example used burning incense, string and bells while the other was simply…


Farewell Tokyo – Ni Hao Beiing!

Well, Tokyo is under our belt! Asha and I had an incredible time exploring the city and some places nearby. From the friendly people and efficient culture to the temples from the past and the quirky aspects, I truly fell in love with both the city of Tokyo and the country of Japan. We’ve been…


Konichiwa from Mt. Fuji, Japan

Wow! I am already in love with Japan!

As promised, it’s another update as my explorations of Asia are officially underway. Asha and I are having a blast and I wanted to share a little moment from one of the tours we filmed: Mt. Fuji!

Sending you big love!

Until next time, Sayonara!

Where’s Brock Headed This Time?

I’ve had an exciting announcement to share with you. A big one. Last year I spent the summer travelling around North America filming and hosting tours for a company called Viator. Each day my partner Jules and I would go on tours, one of us would host or ‘experience’ the tour while the other would…


Brussels, Belgium – Waffles, Beer & Peeing Children

    It’s not very often you get to plan your next destination simply by searching for the cheapest flight. But in the case of my Eurail adventure, that’s how I kicked things off.  From my journey through England and Wales up to Edinburgh, Scotland I had to make my way back over to mainland…


Let’s Ride The Train with Eurail : A Travel Update

~You can watch above or read below~ (Though watching is clearly more fun…) WOW! Where does the time go? It feels like yesterday I was zipping around North America, then zipping around Southeastern Europe and now, well, now I’m here with an update on my latest adventure. I’ve been on the road for about 8…


Cartagena, Colombia – The Final RTW Stop & My Birthday

Wow, 36 countries and more cities than I can count have brought me to Cartagena, Colombia – the final stop of my around the world adventure. I was looking for the perfect place to finish off and so many people recommended this coastal and extremely beautiful city. It was also my birthday during my visit so I…


Medellin, Colombia – Christmas Lights and Travel Bloggers

The first stop of my final country on my around the world adventure was Medellin, Colombia. Known for its Christmas light displays, Pablo Escobar, and a great nightlife, I was excited to explore the city and kick off my Colombian adventure. I would also have to opportunity to meet up with two travel bloggers: Dave…


A Quick Vote to Help Me Win the $10,000 Prize with Viator

-Watch above or read below- VOTE HERE: Hey everyone! So, as you may or may not know, I am currently have a 1 in 2 shot at $10,000. As a follow up to the Viator gig Jules and I did in the summer, we had to create a wrap up video. We are up…


Announcement Time! Here’s To The Next #50!

-You can read below but honestly…watch the video above. It is so much more fun. The bloopers are possibly better than the announcement itself- It seems to have snuck up on me. Somehow in the last couple months I added 10 more countries to my list of visited places. No wonder I’m feeling so travel…


Funny Sign Bridge

The Great New Hampshire Road Trip – Day Two

    The first day of the New Hampshire road trip with my mom went so well that we woke up with pretty high expectations for Day Two!  We chowed down on our delicious breakfast at the Highland Center before hopping in the car to drive over to our first stop of the day. You…


Church of Spilt Blood

St. Petersburg, Russia – Fountains, Facades and Friends

    When our Moscow adventures came to an end, Darren and I, plus our two new friends Vera and Daniel, found ourselves at one of the city’s many stations hopping on an overnight train to St. Petersburg. Arriving the next morning, we checked ourselves in at Red House Hostel – a snazzy little spot…