Halloween Musings from Abroad

    Well, Halloween is upon us once again! As I was growing up, October 31st was one of my favourite a days of the year. You got to pick a costume, dress up, wear it to school, then parade around town collecting as much candy as possible. I would go as far as devising…


Red House Hostel Lobby

Review of Red House Hostel – St. Petersburg, Russia

    Having had such a stellar stay at Chillax Hostels in Moscow, my standards were set pretty high as I arrived at my hostel in St. Petersburg. My new home for the next week would be Red House Hostel. My three travel pals and I came in by overnight train and with a quick…


The Backpack With Brock Foodbyte: Colombian Edition

In South America, there is such delicious fruit and during my stop in Colombia I decided to feature some of them in my Foodbyte.

Allow me to show you one of the biggest Avocados I have ever seen and a fruit that looks like alien brains on the inside.


Echo Beach Lake

The Great New Hampshire Road Trip – Day One

    Earlier this year, you may recall I took off on a four day road trip with my Mom to the beautiful state of New Hampshire, USA. (Check out the announcement video here) We had an absolute blast, but before I could share our adventures with you, my photos and videos went M.I.A. Insert sad…


Lima Peru

Lima, Peru – Summer Sun and Santa Claus?

Relaxing in Huacachina powered me up with the energy to continue on to my next stop: Lima, Peru. Arriving in the capital of the country, I quickly met up with my friends Alejandro and Heather. A native of Lima, Alejandro showed me the ins and outs of the city and made sure I had the…


Moscow Russia University

Exploring Moscow, Russia’s Beauty – Soviet Style

    Our ‘night on the town’ in Moscow knocked me out. Getting home from the club at 7am, paired with 14 time zones worth of jet lag makes for one VERY tired Brock.  As a result, my second day in Russia’s capital was spent in a deep, deep sleep. Once I was rested up…


Peru Foodbyte

The Backpack With Brock Foodbyte – Peru Edition

During my visit to Lima, Peru I had the chance to try some Peruvian specialities.

My friend’s Alejandro & Heather took me out for an interesting meal to try cow’s heart and stomach.

Though I can’t say they were my favourite foods in Peru, certainly give them a try when you are visiting the country!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!

Back home in Canada it is Thanksgiving weekend. Turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie and so on. Mmmm. This year I am on the other side of the world and unable to celebrate back in my native land. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t be thankful. Aside from the lack of pumpkin pie here in Macedonia, it’s…


Huacachina, Peru Sand Boarding

Sand Boarding in Huacachina, Peru

Taking a break while you travel is something I’ve advocated for a few times on this blog – especially when you are travelling long term as I do. After my incredibly amazing visit to Machu Picchu just outside of Cuzco, Peru, I made my way to the sand dune paradise that is Huacachina. The Hua…


Chillax Hostel

Review of Chillax Hostels – Moscow, Russia

There are a few things I was warned about when I started planning my trip to Russia. One was that accommodation in Moscow is EXPENSIVE! – a word that a budget backpacker does everything to avoid. I had these fears of ending up in some super dodgy shoebox that cost me an arm and a leg. However,…