The Top 5 Countries I Want To Visit in Central America

So, there’s this game I play with fellow travellers. Whether it’s to break the ice, stir up conversation or simply find out what places people want to visit, it’s always fun. I’ll explain how exactly it works in another post but today I want to address something that has continuously come up each time we…


La Paz, Bolivia – The Magnificent Wrestling Cholitas

Bolivia. Bolivia. Bolivia. Oh, how you amaze me. I honestly knew nothing about the country when I set out for South America. Looking at a map it seemed like a good way to get from Argentina to Peru. The British gals, Katie, Leila, and Julia had a fantastic time in the country and convinced me…


The Backpack With Brock Foodbyte – Argentina Edition

Argentina has some pretty incredible food but even from the start of my trip, there was no question what I would eat when I got there. The answer: steak! Not only did I grow up on a farm but my parents are also butchers – surprisingly however, I’ve never been a fan of steak. Still…


Two Big Announcements For August

For those of you who can’t watch the video for whatever reason, here is a written version of my announcements. For the record though…its more fun to watch the video. In any case – announcement #1 is that the Viator Dream Travel Job is finished. We completed our mission visited around 20 cities, filmed countless…


Florence Beauty

Snapshot: Florence, Italy – My First Italian City

Yesterday I was recalling my fond memories of my visit to Zurich, Switzerland back in 2010. On a similar note, I have also been remembering my time in stunning Florence, Italy. I am by no means alone in my love for Italy. The food, the architecture, the people and the language all fascinated me. So many aspects are…


Zurich Peaceful

Snapshot: Beautifully Peaceful Zurich, Switzerland

I was recently thinking about the few days I spent in Zurich, Switzerland during my around the world adventure in 2010. I distinctly recall how gentle the city felt with Lake Zurich and the Alps right next to it. From riding the bus, to walking through the downtown I quickly understood why its one of…


Bloggers and Their Moms

At a Glance: New Hampshire Road Trip – Day Four

The first three days of my visit to New Hampshire were nothing short of stellar. From the white mountains to the coast, this New England state had me at hello! To wrap up the ‘At a Glance’ posts, I bring you Day Four of the New Hampshire Road Trip. If you are just joining this…