A Ginormous Announcement: The Viator Dream Travel Job

~You can watch it above or read it below~ I am thrilled to be making one of the biggest announcements to date here on Backpack With Brock! As you may or may not be aware, a month ago I submitted an application for the ‘Dream Travel Job’ with a company called Viator. Basically, they were…


Fletcher The Cat

At a Glance: New Hampshire Road Trip – Day Three

Another day is under our belts – day three was just as great as day one and day two. Weather was great. Company was great. New Hampshire was great! Here’s a quick glance at what went down. We spent the night at the cozy and VERY kitschy Common Man Inn in Plymouth. The rooms had so…


The Snow Dogz

At a Glance: New Hampshire Road Trip – Day Two

Our first day of the New Hampshire Road Trip turned out pretty well with the stunning vistas and a great state park! Day two was just as much a success as day one. Here’s a quick glance through photos of what we got up to: more to come later. To start the morning, we headed…


Echo Lake Beach, New Hampshire

At a Glance: New Hampshire Road Trip – Day One

Well, the first full day of the New Hampshire Road Trip ’12 is officially a wrap – and boy what a day it was! Since the itinerary is pretty packed during my stay and as I want to make use of every waking moment to explore this place I’m going to stick to some quick,…


Road Trip Announcement

Travel Announcement – A Spring Time Road Trip

Exciting announcement time! It all came around very quickly. At home in Toronto I don’t have a car. I get around the city by bicycle, foot and public transit. So when the opportunity to have a set of wheels for a few days I couldn’t not make the most of it. After a few quick emails and map…


Success! 31 Days of Posting and Finding Happiness First

Once again, I have surprised myself. I have successfully committed to doing something for 31 days, with no exceptions, and made it. At the beginning of March I shared a post titled ‘Marching Into March With Happiness‘. In it, I committed to finding happiness first in my day to day life. I had watched an incredible TEDTalk…


Buenas Aires Roller Coaster

Video Spotlight: Buenas Aires By…Roller Coaster?

I’ve gotten into the habit recently of sharing some of the cool travel related videos and photos I have come across around the web. Sure I’d love to always show you ‘my videos‘ and ‘my travels‘ but I feel it’s important to acknowledge my colleagues in the field. And…that’s what I’m going to do today.…


Italian Riviera

Daydreaming of The Italian Riviera

Do you ever have those days where no matter how hard you try, your minds fleets to some place far away. A place you have been or just seen in photos and videos. For me, today is one of those days. I am sitting in a little cafe here in Toronto trying to get work…


Earth Hour 2012

Earth Hour 2012 – Momma Earth Needs a Break!

Earth Hour is coming! March 31, 2012 to be exact Have you heard of it? I hope so! The concept was originally launched in 2007 in Sydney, Australia when 2.2 million people and 2,000 businesses participated by turning off lights, electronics and anything that uses electricity for 1 hour in an effort to take a stand…


Indian Marching Band

Snapshot: Indian Wedding Marching Band

Once again, I can’t enough of marching bands. As a follow-up to the Vietnamese marching band I recently shared with you, I now present an Indian marching band. This group was parading through the little town where I was living in the south of India as part of a wedding procession. Being one of only three…


Spice Market Nice France

Snapshot: Spice Market in Nice, France

  On my second and last day in Nice, France my friend Mindy and I made our way to a farmer’s market in the older part of town (though the whole city is pretty old if you ask me). We walked through the rows of tables, each one filled with a different item for sale.…


Funny Toilet Sign in China

A Funny Toilet Sign in China

Asia, you and your signs are simply too much. I was sifting through my thousands upon thousands of photos from my travels when I came across this little bit of China goodness. Sorry to paint this visual but I recall being in the bathroom of a little book shop/cafe/pub in Beijing, China and the above…


Vietnam Marching Band

Snapshot: A Vietnamese Marching Band of Children

I’m a sucker for a good ole marching band. Maybe it’s the loud instruments, the upbeat songs, or the fact that everything is in sync (I’m convinced I have a bit of OCD). So, when I was in Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam and I heard this band playing their tunes from a few…


Google Search

“You Searched It” – The Bizarre Ways People Find My Blog

Oh the hilarity of it all. There is a lot of time and work that goes into running a successful travel blog, especially one that is the basis of your livelihood. Writing posts, shooting and editing video, curating photos, sharing content, designing the site, tackling tecnical issues and perhaps the most challenging of all, SEO. SEO, or…