This Video Will Make You Want to Travel The World!

This Video Will Make You Want to

Travel The World!

2014 was certainly a year like no other. 20 countries, some multiple times, and more adventures and experiences than I can begin to count.

As a follow up to my 2014 Thank You Video I thought I would put together a collection of some of the best clips I took through the year and a ‘1 minute round up’ quickly became a full song. I’m not complaining, I’m a sucker for a good video montage.

So, with the year behind, and 2015 ahead, take a few minutes and give this video a watch. Allow me to share with you the excitement, growth and life that was 2014 and hopefully you will be even more inspired and energized to get out there and see the world!

I’d love it too if you could share this with someone who might need that boost to jump in feet first!

Thanks again for joining me on these adventures and here’s to the most amazing 2015!


4 thoughts on “This Video Will Make You Want to Travel The World!”

  1. Good stuff Brock! Looks like you had a great year! These video montages are my favourite. I’ve always wanted to try that indoor skydiving. How’d you like it?

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