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What will you find here at www.backpackwithbrock.com?

The Travel Blog: Going somewhere specific? In the mood to get nostalgic about your own travels? Have nothing to do on a Friday night? The Backpack With Brock blog is filled with videos, photos, reviews, tips and stories from all over the world. You can search for a specific place you want to learn more about or simply ‘start from the beginning’ and watch everything.

Adventure Coaching: Are you considering heading out on an extended trip? Or maybe you know someone who wants to backpack? Talk to Brock! As an Adventure Coach, Brock will take you through the steps of planning out and preparing for your own life changing adventure, no matter how big or small it is. Travel is fun – but planning your trip can be overwhelming and stressful. As a seasoned traveller, Brock will help you through this process, save you money, stress and send you off prepared for whatever comes your way. Get more info on Backpack With Brock Adventure Coaching to learn how to travel the world, see reviews from travellers he has helped, or contact Brock directly here!

Public Speaking: Brock loves to talk! From students and book clubs, to nursing homes and companies, Brock has presentations for any crowd. Consider bringing Brock in for your next school assembly, conference or fundraising event! To book Brock or request more information click here.

But what’s the story behind ‘Backpack With Brock’? Who is this guy?

The site was originally created in late 2009 when I, Brock, set out on a one year, solo backpacking adventure around the world. While exploring 36 countries on 6 continents, I video-blogged my journey and posted the videos here on the site. I lived with the Masai in Kenya, ate a cobra snake in Vietnam, climbed to Mount Everest Base Camp and was in Madrid, Spain as they won their first ever World Cup! It was without question, an Epic trip!
Since the maiden voyage, ‘Backpack With Brock’ has been expanding. In addition to continuing the travel blog that made the site what it is, Brock now provides Adventure Coaching for those considering their own adventure, can be booked to speak at a variety events and is even, writing a book.

About Brock
Born and raised on a farm in rural Canada, Brock completed his bachelors in Radio and Television Arts and now calls Toronto his home. In addition to travel, Brock loves almost any genre of music, Spanish and grilled cheese sandwiches.
With 74 countries under his belt, he hopes to explore and add to the list Korea, Rwanda, and The Philippines while further indulging in his love affair with Kenya, Italy and Tibet!
Thank you for joining him as he ventures around the world and of course, take a minute and say hi to him.

Yours truly,
Backpack With Brock

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