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Who This Adventure Coaching Is For:

  • You want to know how to travel the world.
  • You want to see more of the world. Perhaps you’ve been to an all inclusive resort, an organized tour or have never left your hometown.
  • You are 20, 40, 60, heck even 100.
  • You have a full time job, are in school, retired or considering a break from life as you know it to travel the world.
  • You want to try something different. Rather then a package tour you want to travel on your own or with a couple friends.
  • You want to explore 1 country or every country.
  • You want to relax on the beach or trek through mountain ranges.
  • You want to create an unforgettable life experience.

But quite possibly – you don’t know where to start. Right? The world is HUGE! There is so much to research, plan and figure out that it is easy to get overwhelmed. And how do you know if you are making the best choices?

People tell me all the time how they ‘wish’ they could travel like I do however there is always a reason or excuse.
> It’s too expensive > I can’t get the time off work > I’m too old > It’s not safe > I don’t have time to plan
I want you to know that you CAN travel and see the world and I can help you make your dream a reality.


How This Adventure Coaching Works:

Every trip is unique. Therefore, every coaching program is unique as well.

I always kick things off with a consultation so that I can get an idea of what you have in mind and ask some questions.

With what you’ve told me, I’ll prepare a couple packages with different prices and options tailored specifically to the adventure you are planning.This way, you can pick the coaching program that works best for you AND your budget.

Once you’ve selected the package and number of coaching sessions that you prefer for you we’ll get to work planning your trip.

Before each session I send you information on the topics we will discuss so that you can research, make notes and come to our session with questions.

A session is around 40 minutes. Together we’ll go into more detail on each topic and finish with tasks for you to complete for the next session.

And the best part? All you need is an internet connection! I can coach you from anywhere in the world!


Some of the Topics We’ll Cover:

Itinerary, budgeting, saving, what to pack, choosing a backpack, transportation, safety, insurance, vaccinations, visas, health, banking, communication, staying in touch, traveling alone, traveling with someone, working, volunteering, confidence, organization, photography, video, blogging, what is a gap year? and a whole lot more.

Watch the video below to see why Brock is the ultimate Adventure Coach for you!

A couple of years ago I was living a pretty ‘normal’ life but like you, I wanted more. I wanted to do something different.

Along with my friends I finished high school and applied for university. As I wrapped up my degree the natural next step was to get a job.

Then the best thing possible happened: The Recession!

With the global economy spiraling downward I had two options:

  1. Get a job unrelated to my field
  2. Backpack Around the World

Thankfully, I went with the second option! I spent a full year planning my ultimate adventure and on January 5, 2010 flew to Auckland, New Zealand!

My dream had officially become a reality.

Throughout my journey I kept a video blog of the places I was going and my experiences. The Backpack With Brock site continued to grow and since it’s launch in late 2009 has been featured in numerous publications and blogs and is now watched in over 65 countries around the globe.

In the shadow of an economic recession I took a risk, attempted something outside of the norm and jumped feet first into the deep end.

I could never have predicted the incredible experiences that would follow that decision or that I would someday launch my own company to help everyday people just like you and me  learn how to travel the world!


Why was Backpack With Brock Adventure Coaching created?

If I could change only one thing about the planning stages of my own around the world trip it would be to have had an adventure coach guide me through the process.

Unfortunately for me there were no adventure coaches.

I spent an entire year sifting through guidebooks, blogs, travel sites and talking to people, constantly wondering if I was making the best choices or getting the right information. It was nothing short of stressful.

Sure, I spoke to some travel agents but everyone wanted me book a tour or buy a flight pass. Because of commissions and booking fees I knew no one had my best interests in mind.

I wanted someone I could sit down with, talk through my options and hash it all out. A person I could be confident was giving me unbiased advise and knew what they were talking about. Someone whom I could ask questions and would make sure I didn’t leave without covering everything.

Well, if there’s something you want that doesn’t exist – why not try to create it yourself?

All of this brings us to today.

I’ve traveled around the world and have seen a lot. I made many mistakes along the way but learnt from them and now want to prepare you so you can avoid making those same mistakes.

I want to empower you to actualize your travel dreams. To get you out there, exploring the massive and incredible world around us.

With my help, I have no doubt you can do it.


So far, the concept has been successful and has received amazing feedback! Check out the reviews below: one from a traveler I coached and who has completed his adventure to Europe, the other who I’m in the process of coaching for her upcoming around the world adventure.


My experience would have been no where near as great as it was if it weren’t for Brock and all of his wonderful help! As far as experience goes, Brock has done it all!
His pre-trip coaching helped me plan my adventure and get everything ready that I needed to be prepared for a month abroad. From helping me pick a backpack, to helping me find the most cost effective means of transportation and travellers insurance, Brock did everything he could to make sure I didn’t run into any unpleasant surprises along the way. At the same time, he really pushed that this was ‘my’ trip, and ensured that I built this experience myself. He didn’t just tell me where to go and what to see, but instead, he helped me create my own adventure, allowing me to have a truly unique experience!
Brock even kept up with me while I was on my trip, checking in to see how everything was going. And any time I was stranded somewhere, or there was a change in plans, I knew that I could always just shoot him an e-mail and he would help me find the cheapest and most efficient options possible. He also provided me with a place to back up my pictures and videos online with him should I ever lose my camera or memory cards.
Brock did an amazing job preparing me for my trip and helping me remain stress free while saving money along the way! He also helped me build up my confidence and my own abilities as a backpacker. I look forward to working with him again on my next trip!


Even though I have just begun my coaching sessions with Brock, I am already feeling more confident about my travels. I am less stressed about the planning process because I know that I have someone who is experienced to guide me.



Watch the video below to find out how you can get more information without being ‘obligated’!

If you’ve gotten this far, you are probably curious to get more information. Yes?

Because every person’s travel dream is unique, I want to talk with you: one-on-one.

Whether you already know Adventure Coaching is what you need, you’re on the fence, you know someone who could benefit from Adventure Coaching or you’ve traveled extensivly and just want more info – let’s talk!

At the very least, I’ll make you laugh with a good story or two.

Head over to the contact page and send me an email by clicking here.

I know this isn’t for everyone and that’s why you are in no way obligated. We’ll talk, I’ll give you more info and then you can decide if you want to take the next step or not.

My goal is to take away the overwhelming and stressful aspects of planning your trip and make it an enjoyable, fun and rewarding experience!

Take a leap and get in touch by contacting me here.

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