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The Best Airbnb Coupons


Airbnb couponsIf you follow my blog and social media channels, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of Airbnb. As a full time nomad without my own place, I find myself using them – alot! Different to hotels, these places tend to feel more like a home as I can do things like cook my own meals. Whether you’ve never tried it before or have stayed in a ton of Airbnbs like myself, there are a number of discounts out there that can help keep your costs down. Below, I’ve put together some of the best Airbnb coupons worth checking out to save money on your next stay.

In a hurry and have never used Airbnb before? You can get $40 towards your first stay by clicking here. Simple. HURRAY!

*Note: Airbnb often adjusts the amount they offer. Don’t worry if it doesn’t say $40 exactly, you’ve clicked the correct link.*


Now, where were we? Even with the popularity of sites like Airbnb and the concept of the sharing economy, I am often surprised by how many people are weary of trying it. The biggest concerns tend to be safety, cleanliness or weird hosts. My mother and aunt were slightly nervous on our road-trip to reconnect but fell in love with the concept.

Personally, I have always felt safe. Hosts want a positive review, so they keep their homes clean. As for weird hosts, I’ve met a couple but who hasn’t? If you’re super worried about that, stick to ‘Entire Homes’.

From my own perspective, staying with a local offers some really unique benefits. The experience tends to be much more personal as you are often their only guest and they can give you all the attention you need or leave you alone completely. Hosts have offered me fantastic suggestions of places to eat, drink, explore and even avoid. They’ve picked me up at the airport, asked me to join them for a meal and had a welcome basket of local treats for me to try.

A lot of places are the host’s own home so it has all the supplies you need and has more character than a hotel. How wonderful to arrive in a new town or city where everything is unfamiliar, and to be welcomed by a place that feels like your home.

Like with most things, we just need to give something a chance. To encourage new users to test their site, they offer an Airbnb first time coupon code of $40. This is one the best Airbnb coupons that work and to get it, sign up through my link here.

Set up your account and once you make your first booking of $100 or more, the coupon will be deducted.

If you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it again – but chances are…you’ll be back!

(The above photo is what it should like when you click through the sign up link. If you click this actual photo, it just brings you back to this post.)


If you’ve already used Airbnb before, unfortunately the Airbnb first time coupon mentioned above won’t work for you. Don’t be heartbroken though, there’s still a way for you to get some credit for future uses. Every user has a unique invite code that they can share with their friends who are new to Airbnb. If you get your friends to sign up through your link and they stay somewhere, you will get some credit for a future stay! Ace!


You may have heard about Airbnb for a few different reasons. In the news, a friend or family member has used it to book accommodation OR they have become a host to make some money off their home. Similar to inviting a friend to use Airbnb to stay somewhere, if you invite someone to sign up as a host you’ll get an even bigger referral amount. This might just be the best coupon code for Airbnb. That’s likely because getting hosts is much harder than getting new guests so they offer a bigger incentive.


A common question is how and where to use the Airbnb first time coupon code. Once you sign up, you’re good to go. As long as your first booking is more than $100, it will automatically be deducted from your final amount.


Yes! You have one year to use your free Airbnb credit at which point it is no longer active. So, if you get an Airbnb coupon code 2017, it’s likely good until 2018. If you get an Airbnb discount code 2018, it’s likely good until 2019. You get the drift.


Good question. I mention above that when using Airbnb and sites like it, you get a personal experience, can meet fantastic hosts who are locals and often save money, especially when booking a large group. My biggest reason however might just be that it keeps money in the community. Sure, the website takes a small cut but when you stay at a massive hotel chain, the majority of your booking goes to a head office somewhere, with less staying where the actual accommodation is. Don’t get me wrong, hotels serve an important purpose so I’m not knocking them, but B&Bs are also key to the travel scene.


The above has laid it out pretty simply. If you are looking for a coupon Airbnb offers, you can do so as a new guest by signing up here, you can invite a friend to test it out as a guest or have them try being a host to make some money off their place.

I’ve stayed in so many Airbnbs around the world and am writing this from one of my favourites too. My hosts have been lovely, beyond welcoming and have enriched my experienced in ways I could have only dreamed of. It’s my top suggestion of ways to stay in my post about cheap spring break destinations if you want to check that out.

Give it a try, and I’d love to hear how it goes! As always, leave any questions in the comments below or shoot me an email here.

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