The Buddha Head in Tree Roots of Ayutthaya, Thailand

It’s an odd sight. Held so perfectly among the roots of a massive tree, a Buddha head sits for visitors to come and admire.

Located about one hour (80 Kilometres) from Bangkok, Thailand, Ayutthaya was at one point the capital of the Kingdom of Siam.

Sadly, in 1767 the city was destroyed and in an effort to protect many artifacts, a number of Buddha heads were buried underground. This particular Buddha head was slowly lifted up by the roots of the tree over many years and now is a very popular stop when visiting Ayutthaya.

For more information on visiting, check out the Ayutthaya wiki travel page OR consider taking a tour to Ayutthaya with Viator like I did.

Have you been and seen this Buddha head for yourself? Maybe you’d never heard of it before? Tell me in the comments below!

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