Celebrating 65 Countries at the Four Seasons Resort Nevis

I’m a lucky guy. By some miracle of timing, curiosity and determination I’ve circled the globe more times by my mid-twenties than most people will in there lifetime. It’s sometimes hard to believe.

While the immensity of my fortune is not lost on me, I also take pride in the hard work and perseverance that has come along with it.

There have be many a fiery sunset, mouth-watering meal, breath taking train ride view and secluded white sand beach. All the things you hope for when you travel.

There have also been many dodgy rooms, white-knuckle bus rides, stomach churning dishes and aggravating tourist traps. It’s all part of the package and keeps everything in balance.

With each new country a mini celebration occurs. Maybe it’s a toast with a glass of wine or simply sharing the excitement with a friend (or all of you), but when I get to a multiple of 5 I like to do something a little extra special. Some sort of treat to myself to say: ‘Hey, good job. Now, where will the next 5 new countries be!?’

Finding out what country 65 would be, I knew the bar would be set high for each country following.

Enter: St. Kitts and Nevis.

Four Seasons Nevis Resort
Located in the West Indies, these islands are the epitome of paradise.

Guess what? It gets even better.

During my time there I would be staying in one of the most exceptional resorts on the planet, The Four Seasons Resort Nevis

How’s that for celebrating? Like I said, I’m a lucky a guy.

My reasons for visiting were a bit unique but let’s just say I have hard working people in my life who share their successes and achievements with me. Thank you.

To get to the island of Nevis, you must arrive by boat and when we pulled up to the dock it was night. Personally, I think this is one of the best times to arrive at any destination. You know you are somewhere special but can’t see much. When you wake up the next morning however, your mysterious surroundings are fully exposed. This was the case with the Four Seasons Nevis, and we spent the first hours awe struck by the paradise we would call home for the next few days.

Rather than take you through every little detail of my adventure on the island of Nevis, I want to share with you some of the highlights that really made this dreamland so very, very special. Sound good? Let’s go!

The volcano. Walking through the property, you can always look up and see the massive volcano towering over you. Some points of the day the clouds would be resting on the very top, but it was always there; powerful, stoic and watching over the island.

Nevis Dock at NightThe beach. What a beach. Being someone who doesn’t really go crazy over sand, I could still appreciate how great this one was. Lying there looking out over the water in the hot sunshine we were so relaxed. There were all sorts of water sports to enjoy and naturally, drinks were always on hand. The real special part of the beach was swimming or paddle boarding out far enough to look back on the entire resort and take in the vista of the Four Seasons and the volcano sitting behind it. I’ve truly seen very few views like it.

The breakfast. Oh my goodness, the breakfast. I tried the buffet and the al a carte and both were divine. I’ve never felt so full. Why? Because I tried everything and I ate everything. No really, everything. Breakfast was easily my favourite meal of the day because it was an experience all itself.

Four Seasons Nevis GolfThe golf course. If you really know me you’re laughing because I don’t do golf. At all. What I did do though while in Nevis was the golf course tour. Everyone hopped in golf carts and drove from hole to hole enjoying the views of the volcano, the monkeys running by and the stunning sea vistas. There were plenty of laughs and no shortage of opportunities for pictures.

The yacht. During our stay there were a few excursions we could choose from. We went with the yacht and it was a blast. We snorkelled, we tanned, we drank, we ate a great lunch. We had an all around good time.

The spa. I’ve left the best for last. Truly. If it wasn’t enough to be living like a king, I was treated like one when I spent a few hours at the Four Seasons Nevis Spa.  It started with an hour-long massage. All the stress knots from the weeks leading up to our visit were worked out with strong but gentle hands and we walked out of our private cabin feeling light as a feather. We were then handed a freshly poured glass of champagne as we sat by one of the pools. I was already relaxed from the massage but I’ll never turn down a glass of champagne. After some time just taking a break and escaping the busy lives we’d left back home, we made our way over to the deck chairs where we enjoyed a light lunch in a bento box while looking up at the volcano. We couldn’t have asked for more.

Four Seasons Nevis Spa


Nevis Four Seasons Spa Bento Box LunchIt’s important that the staff at the Four Seasons Resort Nevis also get the praise they so very deserve. Everyone made us feel so welcome and went out of their way to ensure we enjoyed every aspect of our stay. Thank you.

I could quite honestly go on and on and on about how much I loved my time in Nevis (and you know how much I can go on and on….) but I think what I want to share with you is best said succinctly.

Four Seasons Nevis PoolThere are moments where I find myself most able to stop, take a deep breath and simply acknowledge my gratitude for the opportunity to have the experiences that I do. Stripping away the expectations and stresses that life puts on us in our day to day, we’re better able to see the simplicities of life and the beauty that is all around us. We travel to escape, to rejuvenate and to learn and we can only be so fortunate to have all those aspects come together.

Marking my 65th country with my visit to St. Kitts and Nevis and the Four Seasons provided me the chance to get back to the core of what I do. To embrace what I love most about travelling, to simply be.

Four Seasons NevisI want to give my sincerest thanks to the staff and team at the Four Seasons St. Kitts and Nevis as well as Veracode for making this trip one I will never forget. Your hospitality and thoughtful detail will forever remind me of the time I spent on your paradise island.

With love and thanks,


If you’d like to stay at Four Seasons Resort Nevis you can book them here or to learn more about them, below is the information you need to connect:

Website: http://www.fourseasons.com/nevis/
Twitter: @FSNevis
Facebook: Four Seasons Resort Nevis
Phone: 1 (869) 469-6234
Address: Four Seasons Resort Nevis P.O. Box 565, Pinney’s Beach, Charlestown, Nevis West Indies, Caribbean

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