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The Great New Hampshire Road Trip – Day Two



The first day of the New Hampshire road trip with my mom went so well that we woke up with pretty high expectations for Day Two! Original Cog Railway

We chowed down on our delicious breakfast at the Highland Center before hopping in the car to drive over to our first stop of the day.

You might be surprised to find out that New Hampshire is home to the oldest mountain train in the world. It’s called ‘The Cog’, takes passengers to the top of Mountain Washington and we would be getting a private tour.

Cog Railway TracksLike a few of the stops on our road trip, The Cog had not officially opened for the season. We had a come a week too soon but the upside to the situation (and I usually find one) is that we would be able to go behind the scenes and learn about how the trains work, their history and so on.

Sue, one of the owners, explained to us how the train pushes itself up the mountain and her colleague Charlie taught us about the old and new trains and how their engines run. It was a pretty informative morning.

Check out my video to see: how The Cog train works.

New Hampshire BearYou can also check out The Cog website to get info on how and when you can visit.

Before continuing on, we shared a delicious lunch with Sue at the beautiful Omni Mt. Washington Resort hotel while discussing all things New Hampshire.

Hitting the road again, we drove through the ever-stunning roads of the state. Visiting sights and parks is great but even driving in New Hampshire is a wonderful experience. They’ve got A LOT of nature.

Our second stop of the day was to meet the Valley Snow Dogz, a sled team that offers multiple adventure options throughout the year in Waterville Valley.

Dog Sledding New HampshireThe state of New Hampshire isn’t all that big, so we didn’t have to drive too long, but the refreshing juice and smiles that greeted us were perfect.

For me, one of the best parts of travelling is meeting so many people and hearing their stories about their businesses, how they got started and so on. The owner Lidia told us her story about the Valley Snow Dogz, which she runs with her partner Richard. We also got to meet Kim & Kelly, who also own sled dogs.

Like The Cog, my mom and I had come at the wrong time of year. There was no snow on the ground in April and the ground wasn’t solid enough for the ATV option.

Still, Lidia gave me a lesson on how the sled works. Valley Snow Dogz

Number #1 rule of sledding – never fall off. You can never lose the team!

It was then time to meet the dogs! To say they are adorable is an understatement. These cuddly pups turned me into mush and I was instantly in love.

Lidia introduced me to a bunch of the dogs, told me about their personalities and let me give them hugs and kisses! Valley Snow Dogz Lidia

It is clear that Lidia loves her dogs and they love her! Every single one of the Valley Snow Dogz were excited to see me and I never wanted to leave.

Check out the video I made of The Valley Snow Dogz.

You can also visit their website to get more info on how you can visit.

Full of love, my mom and I were back on the road and continuing our drive south. We didn’t have far to go before arriving at our next stop.

Along the way, we came across some more covered bridges, one of which had this great sign posted above it. Funny Sign Bridge

Covered Bridge New Hampshire

Eventually we arrived at our final stop of the day – the Common Man Inn in Plymouth.

Common Man InnWhat a place! Originally an old wood mill, the Common Man Inn is now converted into a hotel.

There was a very campy feel going on (which I loved) and there is a restaurant inside with delicious eats!

The room my mom and I had was massive and oh so cozy. If I hadn’t had more visits the next day I never would have left.

In the morning, we chowed down on a proper breakfast in the mini diner with our charisma packed chef. A perfect way to kick off our day. Common Man Inn Restaurant

After a long day of sight seeing, a comfy and welcoming place is exactly what you need.

Check out the Common Man Inn website to see about staying with them. They also have a location in Claremont, New Hampshire so look them up if you’re in that area.

Oh and I almost forgot, be sure to say hi to their mascot and chief resident, Fletcher The Cat.

It’s safe to say that Day Two of our New Hampshire road trip was just as grand as Day One. Exploring The Cog, meeting the Valley Snow Dogz and falling asleep at the Common Man Inn all fit together so nicely.

Thank you all for a fantastic day and sharing your stories.

Also a huge thank you to New Hampshire Tourism for hosting my mother and I on our grand road trip through New Hampshire.

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