6 thoughts on “The 7 Day Countdown To Take Off – 1”

  1. Have a great trip Brock! So how is Pearson this AM? Aren’t you glad you are going to WARM weather! I’m jealous. I do have a question though….just what did you pack in you backpack? How many pairs of underware did you take with you?

  2. Pearson is great. Sitting in the Maple Leaf Lounge makes even greater.
    As for the contents of my bag, good question. I will be making a post about that soon. But to answer your question….4

  3. Dave Yurek would be proud that you made it to the maple leaf lounge.
    Have a safe trip… and seriously… Celine… typical. Love you!

  4. Enjoy the dance! Looks like the backpack weighs as much as you! Looking forward to better backdrops for the videos too.
    All our love from Barrie

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