Viator San Francisco Tour Reviews

Below is a taste of some of the experiences I had while in Boston. From walking the Freedom Trail to sailing off to Martha’s Vineyard, this city was one of the best in terms of cultural and historical diversity.

Give these videos a watch and if you want more details on a specific Viator Boston tour, there’s a link to the info page right below each video. You can also ‘click here’ to check out all tours offered in Boston and New England.

Boston Photography Tour: Freedom Trail Review

What I loved so much about this walking tour was that as you go, the guide shows you how to take photos of the different things you are looking at. It’s a history and photography lesson all wrapped in one!

Day Trip to Martha’s Vineyard Review

I had heard so much about Martha’s Vineyard before visiting New England and it totally lives up to it’s reputation. There is so much charm on the island, the people are super friendly and this tour makes it really easy to explore for the day if you’re visiting Boston and don’t have time to spend the night on the island.