5 of the Best Shows to See in Vegas

Le-Reve-The-Dream-VegasLas Vegas has something for everyone. There are, of course, the casino games, as well as lavish shops, amazing restaurants and wild nightlife. Plenty of people head to Vegas just to catch the one-of-a-kind live shows. The city specializes in shows you can’t see anywhere else, so here are some of the must-see performances that make their home in Las Vegas’s top venues.

1. Penn and Teller 

Penn and Teller VegasPenn Jillette and his mononym partner, Teller, found their unique mix of stage magic, comedy, and social commentary decades ago and have been keeping their act fresh ever since. The team now maintains its residence at the Rio Hotel and Casino, bringing a special twist to the long tradition of illusion entertainment that has been a part of Las Vegas since it first became America’s favorite nightlife city. You can check out tickets for the Penn and Teller show here.

2. Absinthe

There are a lot of family friendly entertainments in Sin City, but the hotels in Las Vegas have always been adult playgrounds first and foremost. Absinthe at Caesars Palace is most definitely a show for the grown-ups, but that doesn’t mean it’s not plenty playful. It’s a little bit circus, a little but burlesque, and a whole lot of panache with uproarious comedy and plenty of talent to back up Absinthe’s ambitious style. Another plus is that Absinthe plays in a smaller space than many Vegas shows, so it’s easy to get close to the action. If you’re staying at a nearby hotel on the strip and are looking for some unusual entertainment, Absinthe is the place for you.

3. Blue Man Group Blue-Man-Group-Vegas

When the stunning Blue Man Group performance collective made it big in the 1990s, they were a sure thing for the grand stages of Las Vegas. The group mixes thrilling music, incredible contraptions, and their iconic blue makeup into a show unlike any other. They now perform at the Monte Carlo, bringing their unique brand of entertainment to crowds from all over the world, always crafting and evolving to make the next show better than the one before it.

4. Le Reve – The Dream

This refreshing show at the Wynn Las Vegas hotel has something that no other show in town has: water, and lots of it. Le Reve is an aquatic performance that mixes swimming, aerial, and interactive elements for an unforgettable experience. This makes for a beautifully surreal experience of deep color, endless creativity, and gorgeous original music. Le Reve is even more impressive considering that many of the behind-the-scenes crew are scuba divers making sure the underwater elements are perfect for every single show.

5. Cirque du SoleilCirque-de-Soleil

The endlessly creative Las Vegas troupe of the world-famous Cirque du Soleil keeps reinventing what it means to go to the circus. Their shows feature some of the best acrobats and contortionists on the globe, as well as timelessly hilarious clowns and heart-stopping music. Cirque is living art that turns the splendor of Las Vegas into a living dream every night at the luxurious Bellagio hotel.

Tickets to the best shows in Las Vegas are worth every penny. Even for those who aren’t eager to gamble and don’t care for raucous nightclubs, the city’s live shows make a visit to the Strip an essential experience.

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