Why Phoenix is More Fun for Families Than Other Large Cities

Desert-Botanincal-Garden-PhoenixWondering where to go on your next family vacation? Phoenix is definitely the place to visit. Compared to other large cities in the area, like Los Angeles and Las Vegas, which offer entertainment options geared more toward adults, Phoenix boasts an abundance of family-friendly activities that make it easy for the adults and kids alike to spend time exploring and having fun together. With convenient and affordable flight options these are the reasons why Phoenix should be your next vacation destination.

See a Chihuly Exhibit

It doesn’t matter what time of the year you are visiting Phoenix, the Desert Botanical Gardens is always a beautiful site to see. It is well known for its Chihuly exhibit which is home to many gorgeous glass sculptures. Outside, there are lots of winding paths to explore with the family, and when your adventure comes to an end, you can enjoy a family dinner at one of the two on-site restaurants.

Children's-Museum-of-PhoenixExplore and Learn at the Children’s Museum

When you first say museum to your kids, some of them might initially think, “How boring.” But the Children’s Museum of Phoenix guarantees a good time for kids of all ages. Each floor and specific area is dedicated to a certain age group and feature hands-on learning opportunities. There is no need to leave when the kids get hungry either; a fairly-priced cafe is located in the museum.

Adventure Into Arizona’s Deserts

Here is an adventure that the whole family will love. Arizona’s Hummer Tours are the best way to have a memorable day with the whole family. The tour will take you and your family through the Sonoran Desert looking at wildlife, Native American ruins, and even ghost towns. They also take you to an Indian Fort that is over 1,000 years old. The tour lasts about 3 hours and transportation is provided for you and your family to and from the location.

Just to the South of Phoenix there is one of the largest municipal parks in the world and is located just a few miles from downtown. There are 50 miles worth of trails full of beautiful views and native flora that can be trekked by foot, on horseback, or if you’re feeling very adventurous by mountain bike.

Castles-n-Coasters-PhoenixWatch Your Kids Ride Their First Coaster

Castles -N- Coasters will guarantee an entire day of fun for the entire family. You don’t even have to be much of a coaster-rider because there are plenty of other rides for the family to enjoy. Also, if it starts to get too hot, take the family to the splash area of the park and cool off together on the log flume. This park is sure to help your family build some awesome memories on your vacation.

Even the Youngest Ones Can Have Fun

Wet-n-Wild-Jr-PhoenixWet ‘n’ Wild Jr. is a water park, so make sure everyone packs accordingly if you’re planning on spending the day with the family here. This park is specifically geared toward families with smaller children. The height cut off for their rides is only 36″, and if you’re taller you can ride as well.

General admission is a reasonable price at $40 per person. There are water slides, racing rides, and tubing rides as well. All of them are fit for little kids, too, so the big kids aren’t the only ones having a good time.

Don’t forget to stop by the Surprise stadium to check out some of their special events including fun movies to watch with the children and live music for the adults, and the best part is all admission is free!

Which one of these sounds like an activity you’d like to do with your family while visiting Phoenix?

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