An Indian Short: Getting a Haircut

Back home, I get a hair cut every month or two. Things change though when you are travelling, and four months into the adventure I was sporting quite the shag. Due to the stifling heat and humidity in the south of India, this shag of mine was becoming quite the bother, so, I figured it was time to chop it off. Here, is what happened.

18 thoughts on “An Indian Short: Getting a Haircut”

  1. That was the funniest thing I’ve seen lately. Cracking your neck and ears was so unexpected and hilarious. Who was holding the camera for you during that part?

  2. Michael Robinson

    That style mid-way through was hilarious. I wasn’t thinking ‘Three Stooges’, I thought you looked like a blond version of Hitler without the moustache! Thank goodness he fixed it in the end.

    The neck and ear cracking were a bit scary!

  3. Ok I was in tears with this one. It actually reminded me of Dumbo! Do you recall Brock. hahah I love you! But if it were I, I don’t think I would of lasted as long as you did!!

  4. That was so funny to watch…I can’t wait to tell my friends that cut my hair about this one and ask why I don’t get the neck and ear cracking included!!!!

  5. Another GREAT video!

    Though the street haircuts are a bit cheaper in India, the actual barber shops are more recommended as they are a bit more sanitary if you’re concerned about that sort of thing.

    When he cracked your spine from the back it looked like your head was gonna pop off! Scared me for a second

  6. OMG Brock….I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this one. I was laughing out loud watching it. And I agree with Michael….it was looking like Hitlers’ haircut, but turned out Great. But just so’s you know….I liked the shaggy look too!!! You always look good to me Brock!!

  7. @Shelly – Aww Shelly, you always know how to make me smile. I never thought of that one, it was a hitler look. Good thing we changed it.

  8. @Darren – Glad you liked it and thank you for filming. I really shouldn’t have had him crack my neck but hey, it made for great video.

  9. @Ryan – Aren’t you two in Asia. Get out there! You can watch me when you get home! Regardless, thanks for tuning in. Wanna get your hair cut?

  10. @Malgal – Yes, very Dumboish. I do recall. I’m glad you liked it. Let’s head to Asia to get your hair trimmed next time ok?

  11. @Michael – So, I think we have a trent with the Hitler look her. I am also happy he fixed it up!

  12. @Kevin – Yes, it was very unexpected for me too. Glad you found it so funny! The camera was held by Mr. Darren, my travel comrade.

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