‘Bet Brock’ – Eat a Cobra

It’s the very first edition of Bet Brock! David, Ted and Sam ‘Bet Brock’ to eat a Cobra Snake and swallow the beating heart. Will he do it? It’s a longer video, but worth every minute. Gather round the family and send it to your friends. You don’t want to miss this one.
In this Cobra Video bet Brock eats a beating Cobra heart and then drinks the snake wine at the end that has a special ingredient.

37 thoughts on “‘Bet Brock’ – Eat a Cobra”

  1. This is absolutely disgusting but amazing. Cudos to you my friend. I look forward for what is still to come.

  2. Great post Brock, my favorite thus far! I am totally shocked you managed to swollow a beating snake heart, freaky for sure, don’t think I could keep it down! Loved the outtakes too : )

  3. Well done Brock, the least I could do was watch the whole thing, after the 2 of you managed to swallow it all. Did have to pause it a couple of times GAG GAG. !!!!! the gelatinous soup would have finished me. Keep safe xxxx

  4. I actually laughed out loud and struggled with my own gag reflex watching you almost be sick. I want to watch your Aunt Emmeline watch this video because I know she has such a weak stomach haha. It seems you have met some really nice people. Enjoy!

  5. OK Brock you have made me Proud!! I agree with Aunt Teresa and the gag reflexes unfortunetly it runs in the family as I see you had a few moments as well. Once it got to the last “Manly Drink” I was done, Almost ran for that pail under the sink. Congrats on getting your first bet completed. Well Done!!

  6. Wow that was pretty intense. I don’t know if I could make it past the beating heart, that freaked me out just watching it. But way to go.

  7. Wow Brock I’m super impressed. That beating heart was crazy! I don’t think you could pay me enough to do something like that. It was hard enough watching it. lol. Very cool though.

  8. Awesome! Just like Anthony Bourdain, though I don’t think he looked like he was about to puke quite so often. Lots of laughs, and I’m glad you took the time to make a longer video for it!

  9. Is it bad that this makes me want to run off to Vietnam and try this?… maybe not the penis wine, but definitely the rest.

  10. They certainly have come up with a unique cottage industry for the crazy western tourists. Kudos for doing it and Suzie was certainly a good sport to be your dining partner. I trust you didn’t suffer any after effects.

  11. @Grace – No, weren’t any after effects thankfully. I don’t know if I could have done it without Suzie! She was my wing girl.

  12. @Dave – Ya, I don’t think there was was a way to even make it shorter. Perhaps Mr. Bourdain is a bit more seasoned at eating this stuff. Those puke looks were authentic. Thanks for the AMAZING bet Dave! I appreciate it.

  13. @Bryan – Thanks for the feedback. It was pretty difficult. Even I am surprised I accomplished it.

  14. @Mal – Glad you enjoyed it. It wasn’t easy. I had to really focus in order to not upchuck. I almost ran for the pail as well, expect there was snake parts in it. AHH!! There are more bets to come.

  15. @Jan – Yes. Very gaggy and I have met amazing people. If you do see it with her, let me know her reaction.

  16. Teresa – Not sure how I did it either. Glad so many people had trouble stomaching just the video. Wait for the Chinese Bug video! AHHH!!

  17. @Sarah – Surprisingly I never upchucked but came very close and needed a number of breaks. Gah! The soup was vile.

  18. @Tanya – Ya, I think the outtakes really bring it home. Gah. So disgusting but glad I tried it. Hopefully you enjoy the Chinese bugs as well.

  19. Woah Brock! Impressed is just too small a word for this. Despite the grossness of it all, it was actually pretty cool to watch….haha! Did you feel the heart still beating as it went down your throat????? *shivering!* Can’t wait to see what is coming next! 😀

  20. shelly donahue

    OMG I just got to watch this one today Brock….AWESOME!!!
    I never would have been able to eat or drink any of these items….You are a real TROOPER!! Seriously!!

  21. Jim and Gail Hindorff

    Hi Brock!

    Well, you are really something. Your Dad told me about you eating the cobra and I’ve just finished watching the video. My stomach is swooning around right about now – every time you gagged, I gagged right along with you.


    Miss you dear boy


    Jim and Gail xo xo

  22. Along with Indiana Jones I HATE SNAKES! This is my worst nightmare.. ahh! You were so brave!

  23. @Hillary – To be honest, I’m not a fan of them either. They are gross. Both alive, and when you are eating them.

  24. Hey Brock, great video… thinking of heading up to vietnam in a months… and that snake video really got me intrigued… would i even make it past the beating heart?! WOW….awesome mate… kudos to you…

  25. @Mike – Didn’t mind the snake bone so much. It was that gelatinous soup that did me in. Oh…and the penis wine!

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