6 thoughts on “Nha Trang, Vietnam – Russian Vloggers and a Lady on the Beach”

  1. It was great to see you meeting other VideoBloggers on your trip! Your site has turned into a really good resource and inspiration for other bloggers.

    And yes, crossing the street in many S.E. Asian areas is all about trust! Those scooters don’t want to hit you any more than you want to be hit & usually you get to the other side just fine! But still….look both ways!

  2. My 5 seconds of fame is so close, I can almost taste it!!

    Really enjoying the videos and hope your travels are going well. Where are you at now? Shoot me an e-mail if you get a chance.

    Take care,

    Dan Dan the Canadian man

  3. @Darren – Always look both ways. Thanks for the positive feedback. It is really coming together. I am surprising myself every day.

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