Life on the Culinary Edge — Exploring South East Asia’s Galaxy of Tastes

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If you love Asian cuisine, a culinary journey around this bustling and varied collection of countries will reawaken your taste buds and introduce you to a galaxy of flavors. There’s no excuse not to do a culinary tour of the continent, as flights to Hong Kong can. Fail to do one and you’ll most definitely be missing out on some taste sensations.

South East Asia comprises diverse regions, with many striking cultural attractions as well as a huge range of culinary delights. Every meal can be cheap and cheerful, or fantastically luxurious: the choice is yours, though either way you’ll rarely be disappointed.

Asian CuisineLoving the limbs in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a reputation for providing exquisite cuisine for more adventurous travelers; with chicken feet, pig ears and jellyfish all on the menu in this former British colony and current region of China. Cantonese cuisine is another massively popular discipline, with excellent options for dim sum, congee and noodle dishes. You’ll also find a vast selection of Korean, Japanese and Indian food, making your stay here a veritable culinary tour of Asia itself!

Mixing it in Singapore

Singapore is a melting pot of cooking influences, with input from China, Malaysia, India and the Middle East mixing together to create a delicious combination of tastes. Be sure to visit the bustling food markets, with ‘wet’ markets proffering meat and sometimes even live fish, and ‘dry’ markets for spices and other goods. It’s a feast for all the senses.  

Baguettes and spring rolls in Vietnam

In Vietnam you’ll discover many new flavors and sensations in one of South East Asia’s most vibrant culinary destinations. There’s a fascinating combination of Asian cuisine that’s strongly influenced by French culinary traditions as an aftertaste of France’s colonial days here. It’s typical to see baguettes and French pastries sitting alongside typically Vietnamese wrapped spring rolls and noodle dishes.

Vietnamese MarketSweet and sugary in Cambodia

Cambodia is famed for its sweet dishes, including sticky cakes made of rice, as well as its use of beautifully juicy tropical fruits such as pineapples, bananas and coconuts. Throw yourself in headfirst and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the Cambodians’ original take on so many classic South East Asian staples.

The food of the streets in Bangkok

Thai cuisine is impossibly mouthwatering and fragrant, so where better to experience it than Bangkok — which is rightly considered to be one of the major culinary capitals of the world? Consider taking a food tasting or walking tour through the city to really experience as much as you can of this phenomenal destination for food lovers everywhere. Thailand is renowned for its street food, so if you’re feeling adventurous don’t be afraid to dive in and get in on the street food taste experience.

With such an array of culinary influences from around the world, South East Asia is a food-lover’s heaven that’s not to be missed. So get out there and discover the delights of cuisine in this part of the world. Your taste buds will never get tired of exploring.

Images by Mckaysavage and Joe Duck, used under Creative Commons license.

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