Review: Goodmorning Hostel – Lisbon, Portugal

Common-Area-Good-Morning-Hostel-LisbonLisbon does hostels right. Maybe it’s the creative minds, or the fact that the competing hostels challenge each other to continually improve and be the most appealing accommodation on the market but regardless, they’ve got it figured out. This post brings you a review of Goodmorning Hostel Lisbon.

When my mother asked during our trip to Spain if we could visit Portugal for a few days I instantly knew where I wanted to stay. A few months earlier a Lisbon based hostel had followed me on Instagram and after looking through their photos I knew I had to stay there.

Main-Square-Good-Morning-Hostel-LisbonAs usual, I looked online to compare the different accommodation options throughout the city and still, my heart remained true to Goodmorning Hostel Lisbon!

A quick email to let them know we were interested in staying with them and we were soon on our way to country #60: Portugal!

Now, some of you might be wondering… ‘You are going to make your mom stay in a hostel?

Well, yes, and no.

You see, part of this trip was an experiment. There is an overall belief that hostels are rowdy, crowded, dirty, party places for young people on a tight budget to stay because they simply can’t afford to stay anywhere else. I want to prove that wrong.

Stairwell-Good-Morning-Hostel-LisbonHostels are also a place for couples, families with kids, middle aged and even the oldest of travellers. They also have more than smelly dorm rooms. Often you can find private rooms and sometimes even apartments.

Looking at the room selection at Goodmorning Hostel we had our sites set on one the beautiful loft suites.

Walking in the front door we instantly felt at home. In fact, we felt like we had just stepped into a magazine. From the colours to the eclectic mixture of unique pieces throughout the space, it was clear that some serious thought had gone into the design of this place.

Lounge-Good-Morning-Hostel-LisbonThe kitchen is huge, there are numerous lounges for sitting, relaxing and sharing stories with fellow travellers, the bedrooms are upstairs to keep the living space and sleeping quarters separate and there is a great deal of table top space for everyone to gather around and enjoy food and drink together.

Likely the best way to describe this place is by telling you: I would live here. Like, all the time.

It’s not everyday you walk into a hostel and it’s nicer and more comfortable than your own home.

Private-Room-Good-Morning-Hostel-LisbonAfter a quick introduction and tour, my madre and I headed up to our loft. My mom was a bit in shock I think.

This is our room? Really?”

I’m not sure if it was the bedroom with a skylight, the couch, the en-suite bathroom, the private study with an antique desk or the fact that we got all of it to ourselves but she was clearly sold!

I could sit here all day, babbling on about how much I loved this hostel but I suspect it would be better for you if I delved into some of the specifics that you’re most curious about.

Shall we?

Internet: It’s Free. Connection was consistently strong. Additionally they provided computers for those who did not bring their own device to surf the net on.

Kitchen-Good-Morning-Hostel-LisbonKitchen: This kitchen sets the bar high! Not only is it beautifully designed and fully equipped but this is where so much of the magic happens, including the complimentary breakfast each morning which comes with waffles. Hot, delicious waffles! Throughout the stay they also offered other treats like soup and drinks.

Rooms: There is quite a selection of room options at the hostel. For dorm rooms, you’ll find rooms with either 4, 6, 8 or 10 beds. Most are mixed and a couple are female only dorms. The rooms did not seem over crowded and the beds were comfy. The private rooms on offer give you even more space and come with either a shared or en-suite bathroom, as well as air conditioning. We stayed in the twin en-suite and it was more than enough space for the two of us. One might even classify it as an apartment – minus the kitchen. Finally, they offer an apartment for those looking for something even more private which fit up to 4 people.

Dorm-Good-Morning-HostelBathrooms: Whether private or shared, the bathrooms were all quite clean and comfortable.

Lockers: Each dorm bed had a dedicated locker for guests to lock up their valuables and keep them safe.

Location: We couldn’t have asked for a better location. The hostel looks out over a massive (but not noisy) square in the middle of it all. Metro and tram lines service the square, it is a short walk to the commuter train that takes you to Sintra, and there is an airport bus right outside the hostel. It was also extremely easy to find when coming from the bus station in the evening.

Design-Good-Morning-Hostel-LisbonPrice: At the time of writing, room rates ranged from $28/pp for a dorm room to $46/pp for a deluxe twin private en-suite. These rates are comparable to other similar accommodation in Lisbon.

Staff: The staff at a hostel can make or break your experience and this place has that figured out. Everyone is super friendly and helpful. They take the initiative to make themselves known so you feel comfortable to ask questions and chat with them. Many thanks to the staff for being such an important part of our visit.

The Rest: If the information above hasn’t it made it clear, I truly to do love this hostel and mean it when I say it might just be the nicest hostel I have ever stayed at. The fact that the interior has been so carefully thought out and designed makes it so inviting. Often times hostels have some old, lumpy couches and and some peeling paint on the wall but with the time and love that was put into this place, I felt compelled to relax in the common room and get up early to fully enjoy breakfast. Anyone who opens a hostel should first visit Good Morning Hostel Lisbon to see how it’s done right. Book early, this place fills up!


Phone: +351 213 421 128
Email: [email protected]
Address: Praça dos Restauradores, n. 65, 2nd floor. Lisbon, Portugal

I want to say a massive thank you and obrigado to the incredible team at Goodmorning Hostel Lisbon for hosting my mother and I during our stay in Portugal. Your positive energy and welcoming nature made us feel right at home and was the perfect foundation for our visit to Lisbon! We look forward to returning and sharing more laughs and stories. Until next time!

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