7 Easy Ways to Spread Love on Valentine’s Day


7 Easy Ways to Spread Love on Valentine’s Day


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I’ve said it before on here – I’m a romantic. I’m not ashamed. I love to love.

As Valentine’s Day comes around again, I wanted to do my part to spread a little love out into the world. A few years back I did a V-Day post with some ways that you could spread love while you travel. This year, I’m going to to stick to that theme but with the slight amendment that you could do the following things even when you’re not travelling. We’re going a little more lifestyle bloggy today and that’s ok.

While I don’t exactly buy into the mass commercialism of Valentine’s Day (I think you should show and spread love EVERY day of the year), I do however like that it is a reminder to do so. Skip the roses, the expensive very rushed dinner out and cheesy teddy bear (I speak from experience, the bear holding a heart isn’t a winner) and simply tell someone you love them.

This weekend, take a few minutes and try some of my ideas below. It doesn’t matter if you are single or attached, these ideas aren’t couple specific and this is a chance to make ANYONE feel loved.

Snow HeartLeave a Message in the Snow

As I look outside at the unbelievable amount of snow around me, (there’s actually no more room for more snow, but alas, more is on it’s way), I’m thinking back to a heart I saw drawn in a pile of snow the other day. It made my heart beat a little faster. If you are in a snowy, wintery place, go outside and leave a message of love in the snow. It could be a heart, the words ‘You Are Loved’, or anything that gets the point across. Someone will spot it and will no doubt smile. Alternatively, if you are in a warm place leave a message in the sand or a dirt path.

Pay a Stranger’s Bill

Love, happiness, kind gestures – they are all in the same family. When you get that coffee, bagel, beer or hop on public transit on the 14th, pay for the person after you. Be discreet or straight up open about it but that few dollars will brighten their day and most cases cause a domino effect. Should they say thank you or resist, simply as them to pay it forward. Little random acts of kindness are full of love.

Acknowledge Work You Love

Comment LoveAs someone who creates content – videos, photos, written posts like this one, I like many others in my field get a fair share of mean, trolling comments that make me second guess or stress about my work. All of that is made better by the countless people who take the time to leave a little comment of love or appreciation. It makes it all worth it. So, hop on Youtube, Instagram, a blog and leave a comment for someone you’ve been following and tell them you love what they do. It’s easy, it’s painless and it is so very welcomed.

For the Love of Post Its

I can’t tell you how much I love finding little notes from strangers on my day to day activities. Every now and then I will come across a message on the bus or in a book, left my some unknown person who took the time to share some love. I’m not suggesting you go writing all over things with a sharpie, but instead grab sticky some post its, write something short and sweet and leave them here and there. You’ll never know who picked it up but put love out into the world and it will come back to you.

Stop & Listen

Our lives get very busy and hectic. We become very inward focussed, caught up in our own day to day. If you do nothing else today, simply stop and listen to someone. You can ask them a question about something you think they might need to vent about or if a person starts talking with you, take the time to hear them out. The few minutes out of your day could be the very thing that the person needs to get something off their chest and feel that someone cares.

I Heart You


Call To Tell Someone You Love Them

Nothing beats those unexpected notes or calls out of nowhere from someone to say they love you. Be that person for someone. It could be your mom, dad, grandma, best friend, assistant, dentist – anyone! Take a few minutes to call them up and let them know that you are thinking of them, you care about them and you want them to know that they are important and loved. If a direct call is a bit too intense for you, an email or text still goes a long way and smiles will be in full force.

Ask to Speak to the Manager

This is one of my favourite ways to spread love and gratitude. When calling tech support or to discuss something on your phone bill, it’s easy to  find yourself speaking to a manager to express your frustration with the service or person who was ‘helping’ you. But how often do you ask to speak with the manger when the person helping you has done an excellent job. If someone helps you, either on the phone or in person, take a few minutes to let their boss know they were so great! This may be in the form of a quick phone transfer, an email or a comment card but it will be quick and mean a lot. That employee hears from the grumpy customers, let them hear from the happy ones too!

And that my friends should keep you pretty busy this Valentine’s Day. Big or small, spreading some love and showing gratitude will make a difference in someone’s day and will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

My post today was inspired by Erin & Josh at Travel With Bender who put together a great piece on some of the many beautiful couples of travel blogging. Hop on over and check it out.

Thanks for spreading the love today and for always making me feel so loved. You guys are the best! Now, I’m off to make someone’s heart grow 10 times.

With Love,

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