The Freshness of Spring

SpringIf April showers bring May flowers – I’m ready to make it RAIN!!

While this is quite obviously a travel blog, every now and then I like to step out of the confines of this genre and delve into the self development and growth sphere. It’s fun over there too and fortunately, I think the two often compliment each other.

In the past, I’ve highlighted some of my plans and goals both for this website and my travels, so as we jump feet first into April, I wanted to share some of my latest ideas and perspectives for the month (and months) ahead.

When you have goals, it helps to write them down, acknowledge them, and by doing that here, hopefully be better held accountable.

We’re going to keep this informal, easy and to the point. And hey, I’d love for you to start thinking about some of your goals as you read through – I want to hear them at the end.


I’m putting this one first as it encompasses many things in relation to this site. I’ve had goals for how much traffic I would like to have on this website and while I’ve spent a lot of time studying and understanding how to increase it, I know I could spend more time putting it into action. In April I want to overhaul, alright maybe ‘tweak’ is more realistic, some of the key aspects of my site that will help more people find Backpack With Brock and get the most out of it’s content.

Thorough Social

Bee Sting Neighbors CafeThe fact that I’m not a huge social media user as an everyday individual means I have to work that much harder to stay active on social media, a crucial tool for my line of work. While I have most of the profiles, and do use them, I want to flesh out how I share and maximize them to my advantage. I love storytelling and do believe they are great avenues for doing that, so I need to better use them to my advantage.

Try a New Project

Maybe it’s the impact of Spring and the sunshine and the warm weather but I am inspired to trying something new. A fresh project, different from ‘travel’. It is important to stay well rounded and exposed to a variety of influences. Therefore, I’m going to challenge myself to delve into something that mixes it up this month. I urge you to try this one with me.

Fresh Air

Like many others who live in the upper northern hemisphere, winter has forced me to spend an unbelievable amount of time inside over the last few months. Record snow and below freezing temperatures meant only being outside for short periods each day. But, April is warming up and I am so excited to GET OUTSIDE!! I want to not only breath that beautiful fresh air but let it invigorate me. I’m going to increase activity, fitness and overall health. How can you go wrong with that one.

Get More Travellers on the Road

As you likely know, I do Gap Year Advising – helping people who wish to travel (usually 2 weeks or more) prep for their big adventure so they leave confident, prepare and save them some money while we’re at it. The last two quarters I’ve been able to work with quite a few different people and I want to rev that up over the coming months, especially with multiple people wrapping up their semester or degree. If you, or someone you know is heading off on a trip and might benefit from my help, get in touch with me here.

Spring Cleaning

RIP Winter 2015Just like the pioneer days, spring means spring cleaning. For me, this takes on more of a digital dusting (email, hard drives, photos) but in my continuing effort to reduce the amount of ‘stuff’ that I have, I suspect I have some things that I could find a better home for. There’s no need to be buried in crap so it’s time to clean house baby!

More Stories

I’ve been sitting on some awesome stories of adventures and insight for your own adventures. Now that I’ve completed some major changes on my site that prevented me from publishing them (edits you likely wouldn’t notice), I’m chomping at the bit to share them and April is where its at. Anything in particular you want to hear about?

Giving Back

I’ve always made a point of giving back to the world more than it gives me, be it through volunteering, this blog, a friend in need, etc. I want to up my game in this sector this month. I’ve got a few ideas around how I can make this happen, but I’m always looking for new and fun ways. If there is something I can help you with, get at me.

And that’s where I’m going to leave it. Like I said, informal. No hard numbers or commitments but a general guide to the month and where I want to be at the end of it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I would love to hear what projections and hopes you have for the month of head. How can you do to evolve your life into your best and most fulfilling life? Please, share them in the comments below or if you want to share but prefer to keep it more private send me an email: here.

Here’s to the best April and kick off to spring possible. Enjoy the birds chirping, the flowers and trees blooming and breaking out those shorts and t-shirts! I’ll be sure to check in with you how I made out!

Your friend,

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