England, Pt. II – Catching up with Old Travel Buddies

As my great times in Dublin came to a close, I hopped on a flight to London, England.

With my rail pass, I zipped around the country, first to Nottingham to see Ash, my travel buddy from Laos, Hong Kong and China and then to Northampton to see Carlea, my travel buddy from China.
I finished off this English stint in London with my friends Brent and Jenna. We ate some Canadian style cuisine, explored the city and I recorded a ton of videos in preparation for my journey to Kenya!

2 thoughts on “England, Pt. II – Catching up with Old Travel Buddies”

  1. Hmm, I can vouch for Kraft’s popularity in Canada, but Swish Chalet dipping sauce is new to me. Look forward to hearing about Kenya

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