One Last 2014 Adventure Announcement…

It’s safe to say that 2014 has been quite a year of travel over here at Backpack With Brock. Costa Rica, Nevis, Oman, India, UAE, Sri Lanka, Maldives – and that’s just journeys taking me out of North America. It’s been a blast.

With just a few months left in the year, I’ve made a flash decision to sneak in a few more adventures and have set off on a last minute trip to Europe!

I might be crazy, but when you see where I’m headed you’ll understand why I couldn’t pass up the chance to hop a plane and cross the big ole Atlantic.

Where am I taking you? You’ll have to wait to find out as we go along. What I can say, as the video above shows, is that we’ll be starting off in Copenhagen, Denmark.

So, saddle up. This trip is going to move fast and will be action packed. There are about 10 countries & 12 cities on the roster (at the moment) and just 4 weeks to do it all in.

For this project, I’ve partnered up with a few companies and will be testing out their products along the way. I think they are great for travelling so I’ll be sure to let you know my experience with them as we go.

To follow along, as always you have a few different options:

  1. The Blog – You’re already here so that makes it easy. I’ll aim to get a new post up every couple days with some photos and stories about what we’re getting up to.
  2. Instagram: I will probably update this the most. It’s easy and gives a fun little snapshot of where I am. My handle is @backpackerbrock if you want to add me or click here.
  3. Facebook: Old faithful. There will be a mix of some photos, links to the blog, videos and so on. Hop on over and like the Backpack with Brock Facebook page if you haven’t already by clicking here.
  4. Youtube: You know I love video so, a few fun clips as we go as well as some of the reviews I’ll be doing will be posted there. Have you subscribed yet? Click here to subscribe. (There’s also over 200 videos from previous adventures if you’re bored at work and need to pass the time!)
  5. Twitter: I’ll be honest, I’m not the best tweeter but I’m trying. My handle is @backpackerbrock. Click here to follow me.

You ready? Here we go!!

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