To Sri Lanka We Go!!

Sri Lankan Airlines WingIt came about quite unexpectedly to be honest. In short, at World Travel Market in London, UK I was invited on a conference press trip to Sri Lanka alongside a handful of awesome fellow travel bloggers. With just one week to reorganize my European itinerary (which we’ll get back to in a week, promise) I was on a plane to Sri Lanka. Such is my life.

Captain and ClarkOne of the coolest parts is that I knew my friend’s Chris and Tawny of Captain and Clark were also going on this trip so I made sure I was on the same flight and surprised them at the airport in Rome. Epic doesn’t even begin to describe the moment I waltzed up to them and asked which way the flight to Colombo was. You should have seen their faces!

Soon, there we were, buckled up for safety and taking off into the sky with Sri Lankan Airlines. They are just one of the sponsors of the trip alongside Cinnamon Hotels and the Professional Travel Bloggers Association to name a few.

I am thrilled to take you along on this adventure for the next bit and share sights and sounds and stories of this beautiful country.

Last June I was in Sri Lanka for a hot second but was very sick. Sad face. Oddly enough though, the first visit (I stopped by twice in one week) I stayed at a Cinnamon Hotel in Colombo and they kept me very comfortable. It’s good to be back to experience more of their charm and unique properties.

So come along with me. Here on the blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you name it. I think it’s going to be a wonderful time.

From what I’m told, there will be elephants, temples, buddhas, resorts that you never want to leave, hot and spicy curry, hiking, loads of history and sunshine!

Chaaya VillageI’ve arrived at my first hotel, Chaaya Village, and in addition to a ridiculously comfy bed and pool time with some of the other bloggers, we got to learn a bit more about what this brand is all about as well as their domestic airline Cinnamon Air. The countries not that big but roads can be slow and congested, the skies are not.. The 5 hour drive we took to get here from the airport could be done in an hour by plane.

Maybe I’ll treat myself and hop on a water plane back to Colombo – I’m sure the views are wicked and I brought my fancy camera!

Honestly, this place is so lush and green. From the ground it’s breathtaking, and no doubt from the sky as well.

Alright, I seriously need some sleep. It’s far past my bead time and I have a 5:45 am wake up call. But you know what? Who cares how tired I am – I’m going to soak in every last bit of this place and I hope you enjoy coming along with me!

Sri Lanka, let’s do this!

Huge thanks to Sri Lankan Airlines, Cinnamon Hotels and the PTBA for having me and sharing this country with me and all my friends here on Backpack With Brock.

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  1. Have a great time in Sri Lanka! I haven’t been there, and it’s been in my bucket list.. hopefully soon I could visit. Anyways, we’ll wait for your great stories and happy photos and Happy Christmas! 🙂

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