How to Get a $35 Airbnb Coupon Code


Free Airbnb Coupon Code
I’ve spoken about Airbnb here on the blog before because I am a HUGE fan. It is truly one of my favourite ways to book accommodation in a place I am visiting. You can find such unique spaces and often save a lot of money. I’ve also recently experimented with hosting people through Airbnb and loved that too! Then of course, there’s the good old free Airbnb coupon code they offer new users.

If you are curious about or have considered using the website for your upcoming travels but need that extra little push, I’ve got that push for you.

You can get a $35 USD Airbnb Coupon Code ($40 CAD) for your first stay by clicking right here. Honestly, it’s that easy. From ME to YOU!

But Brock, How Does The Free Airbnb Coupon Code work?

I am glad you asked!

Once you click the above link you’ll see a pink button that tells you to ‘Sign Up To Claim Your Credit’. You can choose to sign up through Facebook, Google+ or your email. Once you sign up, the credit will automatically be in your account. Remember: this is only for new accounts.

To use your $35, you must make a qualified booking which is a booking of $100 or more (before taxes). The credit should automatically be applied and save you $35. Bam!

If you think like me, every penny counts when you are travelling. $35 is $35 and you just saved it! You rock!

Airbnb Promo Code

What Do I Do if I Already Have an Airbnb Account but Want the $35?

If you signed up for Airbnb without using a referral code they don’t give you the $35. That’s not fair! You’re new, and you should get welcome credit too.

Here’s a couple suggestions for how you can still snag some Airbnb credit.

1. Sign up using a different email. If you have more than one email address, click this link, and sign up again. Fresh start = $35.

2. Create a new email. If you don’t have a second email, create one and use the same method outlined above. You can use, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail.

3. Sign up using a friend or family member’s email – especially if you plan to travel with that person.

4. Add a ‘dot’. If you have a Gmail account, you will receive people’s emails whether you include a dot or not. Example: airbnbcoupon@gmail & are essentially the same thing to Gmail. HOWEVER, the Airbnb website would recognize them as two separate accounts.

Just be sure to delete your original account as you shouldn’t have two accounts under the same name. Be honest, and just get the credit for one sign up per human.

Is There a Way to Get Even MORE Airbnb Credit?!?

Invite Friends ButtonYes Ma’am! There most certainly is.

Once you sign up for an account, go to the drop down menu under your name and select: Invite Friends.

There, you will have the option to invite people through email, Facebook, or Twitter. Oh, and see that url in the Facebook box? Copy and paste that link and send it to friends any way you want.

When a friend signs up with your Airbnb coupon code, and books their first stay on Airbnb you’ll get another $35. But wait…there’s more… If your friend also lists their place on Airbnb to host other travellers, you’ll get $70.

Airbnb Invite Code
It’s Round-Up Time!

You want to try out Airbnb and want a promo code/credit so…

Click right here and sign up for a new account.

You will then have a $35 credit in your Airbnb account.

Make a booking of $100 (before taxes) or more and the credit will be applied to your reservation.

Invite your friends and family from your account and get even more credit in your account when they make their first booking.

Stay in some of the coolest accommodation, meet like minded people, respect their space and explore the world!

Do all the above and I don’t see how you could go wrong.

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