The Great Ocean Road Trip

During a quick stopover to Melbourne, Australia from Sydney, Joel suggested we take a little road trip down the Great Ocean Road. It was absolutely stunning. Apologies for the ‘wind.’

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22 thoughts on “The Great Ocean Road Trip”

  1. Great video Brock! Love the website and keep the videos coming! I also liked the way you set up this video with a regular introduction for the first half and a collage of video excerpts and pictures for the last half.

  2. @Mal – We weren’t even looking either. We just drove past people looking up, so we pulled over and for about a mile there we 10-20 Koalas. SO cool.

  3. Did you do the Great Ocean Walk along the beaches and the 12 Apostles as well?

    Yes, do like to see you to know you are okay then like to see what you are seeing on your trip.

  4. Once again Brock I so enjoyed the video. Beautiful scenerey and what a neat vehicle. Such a good way to tour around Australia. Is the Hippie van exclusive to Australia? Just curious

  5. Why can’t we have vans like that for Liaison?

    Yeah, like the video format. Reminds me of an episode of Scrubs.

  6. That was an awesome video Freak!!! Loved the montage!! Would be nice if you used this format every once in a while, but remember “video killed the radio star….”
    Don’t over use a great medium!
    Praying for your safety!
    “Keep on truckin Freak!”
    Love ya!

  7. By far one of my favourite videos on here! Love the montage too, great photos, and made me wana hop over the ditch and check it out 🙂

  8. Hey mate,
    Great vid as always. I should add a couple of things for people reading this:
    I’m the other guy on this road trip and while the van was good, it’s been 2 weeks and I’m still waiting for my $500 bond back. If you need your money back in a hurry as they promise you’ll get it back when the vehical is returned don’t hold your breath.
    Hipppiecamper also has some very strict guidelines and extremely high fees if ANYTHING goes wrong. Lucky for us, nothing did. But something to keep in mind.
    Other than that, thanks again Brock for an awesome time and I can’t wait to see you in Canada some time soon(ish)!!

  9. WOW BROCK!!! Looks like you are having the time of your life, keep on ROCKING in the free world. Amazing footage of Aussie’s coast, thanks for all the great scenery. Take care out there.

  10. Hey Brock, some great pics there. We hope you had a great time! We’d love to feature this vid on the website. Email me when you have a minute and we will sort something out.

    Elysha (on behalf of Hippie Camper)

  11. @Teresa – I went on some beaches and saw the Apostles from up on the cliff. I couldn’t see anyone down actually walking around them. And yes, so far, so safe.

  12. @Shelly – Thanks Shelly. It really was stunning. Good question, Hippie Camper is available in both Australia and New Zealand.

  13. @Will – Oh wow, could you imagine? For those who don’t know – Liaison is travelling around the province speaking to High Schools students about Universities. I think you should pitch this idea next season… It would fit ALOT of books as well. I will have to check out Scrubs as well.

  14. @Shirley – Ya, I think the montage works. As for the format/medium – can’t really not use it in this scenario as it is a ‘video’ blog. Thanks for watching.

  15. @Laura – LAURA! Thanks for the comment. It really isn’t that far from you. Has the NZ Round Up become your new fav since this post?

  16. @Joel – Thanks Joel. To update on the bond scenario. Part of the delay was my own fault. I have limited internet access as one can assume and didn’t see the bond returned to my card instead. Thankfully Hippie Camper is working it out for us. Thanks for the Super fun journey and thanks for teaching me manual. My apologies for terrifying you at all.

  17. @Tanya – Thanks girls. It really is becoming an unbelievable experience. Especially here in Thailand – where the Language barrier is insane.

  18. @Hippie Camper – Thanks for checking the video out. Glad you liked it. We had a fantastic time! Thank you for helping us make it happen.

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