A Haircut in Mexico with the Hipster Barber

When you spend long periods of time on the road, you still have to take care of the regular ‘life stuff’ that would do at home before you head out on a trip. Laundry, doctor visits, visiting the dentist and yes, getting a haircut. This can be a fun experience but also challenging as language barriers make describing what style you want a little tricky.

Over the years I have had haircuts all over the world. Estonia, Spain, Kenya (that one didn’t go too well), Nicaragua and my favourite of them all, India! You should definitely check out my Indian Haircut video where things got pretty wild.

Most recently I had my haircut in Mexico. I was living in a city called Oaxaca for a month and my hair was getting a little out of control. My friend Geoff from over at Wandertooth suggested I check out The Hipster Barber. I was sold on the name alone. Geoff spoke of beer and loud music, what’s not to love?

Arriving with my sister, who shot the above video (thanks Mal), we directed to grab a beer from the fridge and chill in the chair. We then, waited for a very long time. Why? Well The Hipster Barber was seemingly on a date because you know, that’s what Hipster Barbers do. We had to wait until he was finished chatting with his lady friend before he came in and started to actually cut my hair.

The rest, you can see for yourselves in the video!


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  1. Ha Ha Yesss! Glad you found him! I went to him a couple times and each time was pretty weird! Looking good…miss ya buddy!

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