Brock, What The Heck are you Doing in Mexico?

I have been travelling around Mexico for nearly two months now and it came to my attention the other day that I have not formally update you all on why the heck I am here.

Two of my best friends, Ted and Corey, were set to be married at the beginning of January in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Since I did not want to tough out the Canadian winter and could essentially be anywhere, I decided to book a one way ticket to their nuptials.

On January 2nd I flew south from Toronto and have been here ever since.

The wedding was beautiful and I had a fantastic week with my friends and their family. Once they had all returned home, I stuck around and hung out with fellow travel bloggers Ryan, Matt, Anna & Seth. We ate a lot of tacos and soaked up the sunshine.

From PDC I flew to Mexico City where I had an epic 5 days exploring the New York Times’ #1 city to visit in 2016. I quickly fell in love with it and got to hang out with my friends Mike, Marriana, Chelsea, Megan & Brandon.

Next stop was Oaxaca, in southern Mexico. There I rented an apartment for one month with my friend and fellow travel blogger Dave. With 12 other bloggers in town, I spent the month catching up on work, collaborating, learning and enjoying the delicious food of Oaxaca.

It has been a truly amazing month. With so much to see and do in Oaxaca and such incredible people around me, I couldn’t have asked for a better spot to call my temporary home.

To all those that were apart of this leg of my journey, thank you. I look forward to where we meet up again.

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