Luxembourg, I Finally Got You – Country #70

What does Luxembourg look likeI was trying for a few years to get to Luxembourg. Every time I headed to Europe I thought: ‘This time, I’m going to Luxembourg!’ Then I’d look at a map, and my calendar and would eventually be pulling my hair out because I once again wasn’t going to be able to work it into my itinerary.

Finally just over a year ago, as I was heading back to the continent and running out of ‘new’ countries to get to, I made Luxembourg a priority and found a route using my Eurail pass that would allow me to visit friends in Amsterdam and Zurich while stopping over in the Lux on the way.

Before my train pulled into the main station I had 69 countries under my belt making Luxembourg my 70th country! Whoa!

As per tradition, I celebrate when I achieve a multiple of five, so I recorded this little message to announce my arrival, and thank you all for joining and supporting me through so many countries.

Watch through to the end because honestly, the bloopers might just be the best damn part! (Filming yourself usually requires a few takes.)

And there you have it. Luxembourg has officially been visited. It honestly wasn’t what I expected (far better) and because of the rain during my stay, I didn’t get to see quite as much as I wanted but I suspect I’ll be back – now that I know how to get there.

While I took the train, I also discovered you can fly pretty cheaply from London if you book far enough in advance.

Now, with over two-thirds of my 100 by 30 complete, it’s home stretch time and only two years to do it in! Brock better get a move on, right?

I want to extend my deepest gratitude and appreciation to all of you for continuing to join me on this adventure. 6 years ago when I set out on my first backpacking trip I could have never imagined that it would turn into everything it has. I truly count myself among the most fortunate and happy people on the planet and I credit you all in large part for making that possible. To be able to share stories, experiences and insights from around the world is simply a dream come true.

Here’s to many more adventures and the continued opportunity to bring you all along with me. Remember, if you ever have a question, curiosity, fear, worry, story or just want to say hello, please don’t hesitate to reach out in the contact form above.

With Love,

Is Luxembourg a place you have thought about visiting? Had you even heard of it? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Special thanks to Luxembourg Tourism for helping to make this visit possible. As always, thoughts and opinions are my own.


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