The Great Newfoundland Road Trip – Day Two

Gros Mourne National ParkThe first day of exploring Canada’s most eastern province left us officially pooped, and was a good prep for our first solid nights sleep in a few days.

(If you’ve missed the boat on this adventure, take a second to catch up. Watch the Newfoundland road trip video announcement & read up on day one on the road.)

We woke up to the fresh air on the river in Corner Brook and I kicked my day off with a nature filled run through the city’s many paths. I love taking the time to run and exercise as a way of learning about a place I am visiting. Your senses become so in tune and I notice things I don’t when I am simply walking through.

Once packed up and on the move, we found ourselves driving for a few hours, with the necessary  Tim Hortons stop along the way.

IMG_4392Our next destination was Gros Morne National Park.

Located on the west coast of Newfoundland, Gros Morne is home to incredible hiking, nature, and wildlife.

We stopped in at the Visitors Centre to get an idea of how we should spend our perfectly sunny afternoon. Not only did the rangers have some great tips, but inside we were able to learn all about the area from how it was formed, to the creatures that live there.

IMG_2377With the time we had, it was suggested that we take a hike up to the tablelands. This is a spot where you can see deep ocean crust and the earth’s mantle exposed.

In order to hike, we knew we’d need energy, so we went for quick bite in the nearby village of Woody Point. It was here that I had my first try of moose. I had it in a pie and it was delicious. I’d say it tasted quite a bit like beef but slightly chewier. Make sure you give it a try!

IMG_2451A short drive down the road and we were soon on the dry but stunning path to the tablelands view point. Surrounded by the stunning hills around us we couldn’t help but be snap happy with our cameras.

It wasn’t long before we made it to the view point, where we could sit and soak up the view. A stream flowed down through the rocks and it was fascinating to think that ice played a huge role in creating the landscape around us.


After our token family photo, we hiked back down and created our route to our next stop: Rocky Harbour. IMG_2562

Once again, the drive did not disappoint. Lake after lake, tree after tree, driving through Newfoundland continuously offers up stunning views all around.

Our drives seemed to always take longer than expected, most likely because we’d find ourselves stopping again and again to take yet another picture.

IMG_2603Come nightfall, we arrived in Rocky Harbour where we would be staying at the Fisherman’s Landing Inn.

We lucked out as we got there just when the sun was setting. We quickly dropped our bags, found a bench right by the water and watched in awe as the clouds painted beautiful stories in the sky in front of us. It was quite the show.

IMG_4445To my pleasure we found a cute little diner where we could sit, watch the rest of the sunset and enjoy some good ole Newfoundland grub. With my positive experience earlier in the day, I opted to give a moose burger a try and my aunt happily joined me. My mom on the other hand, we’re still working on her!

When we finally made it to bed it didn’t take long for the 3 of us to be sawing logs. A sign of a good day of adventuring is when you’re too tired to talk about it.

Knowing we had another big day ahead of us in the morning, we turned off the light and dreamt about the live moose we had yet to see.

Thank you to Go Western Newfoundland, Gros Morne National Park and Fisherman’s Landing Inn for making our day as great as it was!

Be sure to look each of them up as you start planning your trip to Newfoundland!

So, have you tried moose? Would you?

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  1. Road trips are always a blast. The sense of calm away from our busy life gives us the chance to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature, the lakes, mountains, forests and animals around. I’ve never tried moose burger. And I would.

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