8 thoughts on “Luging at Skyline Skyrides – Rotoura, New Zealand”

  1. so i do believe that’s some garageband music that also made an appearance in the Ryerson event loop… just sayin’ 😛

  2. Brock, I would definetly take the scenic route, that’s just my speed. I’ve always wanted to go to Australia and New Zealand and the more you post well the more I want to go. Someday. And by the way that little guy was a cutie.

  3. @Shelly – Yes, I think you’d very much enjoy New Zealand. It’s quite scenic and similar to Canada in many ways. Those kids were my travel buds for the day, and they rocked.

  4. I thought you said “senior route” too! I was at the same place in Rotorua in 1989. What a blast! Back then they had another attraction that looked like a huge, clear but padded, “bubble” that you would get in and then roll down a hill. Didn’t do that for fear of ruining my 80’s hairs. Cheers Brock!

  5. @Stephen – It’s like I am reliving your past. The padded ‘bubble’ is Zorb Globe Riding, which is in another post.

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