4 thoughts on “The Friday Five – Things To Do in New Zealand”

  1. Hey Brock, Is that your Christmas present you are wearing? Like a part of us is there! What was the most bizarre thing that you ate? most unusual behaviour or accepted social practice there?

  2. @ Teresa – Indeed this is my Christmas gift from you. I had to exchange it for red, to fit me better. It looks great. And its one of my only 3 shirts.
    Most bizzare thing I ate?….this rice pudding in a can stuff. gross. Unusual behaviour?…people don’t acknowledge when you sneeze.

  3. Rice pudding?? How could that be bizarre?? Doesn’t it always come in cans (unless you make it yourself)?

    Thanks for the tips Brock. I would love to visit NZ sometime in the near future…even more after seeing your adventures!

  4. @Sam – It was a different kind of rice pudding. Not the same. When you need recommendations, you know who to call.

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