Zorb Globe Riding in Rotorua, New Zealand

During my visit Rotorua, New Zealand, I also get the chance to try Zorb Globe Riding. This is one wild experience that leaves me a little dizzy.

You can get more information and try this exciting adventure by checking out:


Tell them ‘Backpack With Brock’ sent you.

46 thoughts on “Zorb Globe Riding in Rotorua, New Zealand”

  1. That was absolutely hilarious! It looks like something for the next Amazing Race! I love how the green ball matches your eye colour?? Keep having fun Brock.

  2. Wow, I just decided i’m going to new zealand next vacation. Or do they have this in Canada? might be cheaper that way.

  3. That was fantastic! Adding that to my must-do list as it looked hilarious. Do you get flung around as much as it looked like you did??

  4. That was absolutley amazing!! Did you get ball sickness?? haha I so want to do something that…. Keep havin fun!

  5. Oh My Good Gawd Brock….Dennis and I laughed out loud while watching your video. Too funny and you looked like you so enjoyed yourself. Just to let you know we check in on you each and every day. Take Care!!

  6. That was probably the most entertaining thing I’ve seen all week! I’m so happy to see these New Zealand videos because, honestly, it was never on my travel-list until I saw these vids.

  7. Haha that looks really fun! I’ve been following your blog for a while (found it on gobackpacking) and i’m really glad to see some more on-location type things, rather than just recaps after the day’s over type stuff.

  8. BROCK FROM RYERSON! You are the man! looks like your having a blast! Soooooo jealous of you right now! But keep on posting! Can’t wait for you to get to Vietnam! Take Care!

  9. @ Matt – I just ask around. It’s a staple of Rotorua. As for the traveling together…I’ve still got 11 months to go…..

  10. @Shelly – Thanks Shelly & Dennis. Glad I could provide some laughter for the day. I’ll keep it coming.

  11. Could you imagine your Uncle Ray and I doing this. On second thought maybe not but it sure looked like fun.

  12. brock! thats crazy. some of my classmates and i were doing a project on bringing new attractions into a small ski hill near Trenton/Belleville area, called Batawa. We had actually looked into Zorb-ing.. 🙂

  13. @Emily – Ya, thats the one thing with traveling solo, you have to convince people to do that sort of stuff for you.

  14. That looks sooo awesomely cool!!!!! I wish we could hear your screaming from inside that ball hahaha

  15. Ah ha! Zorbing … so they still have it. I don’t think my ’80’s hair would have survived that, nevermind getting all of them in.

  16. BROCK! I wanted to do this so bad when I was in Switzerland … you are way braver than me! Looks like you are having the most amazing time! 🙂

  17. Glad you had fun ZORB globe riding Brock! Awesome video!

    Just some additional info for those who were wondering about ZORB sites in the US, Brock was right – we do have one. It’s the only ZORB site in the US…ZORB Smoky Mountains, located in TN.

    Happy travels Brock…hope you enjoyed the rest of NZ!

  18. @ZORBguru – Thanks for following up. I had a fantastic time and have recommended it to every traveler I have met heading to Rotorua. I knew there was one in the Us. Thanks again!

  19. @Audrey – I thought that twang would be a nice touch, glad you like it. Totally a must do when in Rotorua.

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