South African Potjiekos

The Backpack With Brock Foodbyte: South Africa Edition

During my RTW trip, as I maintained this video blog, I was very fortunate to have a pit crew back in Canada making sure that my Facebook page was updated, emails were followed up and most importantly – that my pictures and videos (all 20,000 of them) were safely backed up. Twice.

At the helm of my tech support was the one and only Shannon. She studied at Ryerson University with me in the Radio and Television program, so I knew she was up for the challenge.

With almost 1000 gigabytes of content (if you don’t know what that is trust me when I say it’s A LOT) it was impossible for me to keep it all with me on the road. I would send files home on a hard drive, Shannon would copy those files onto to master hard drives and confirm the file size with me. Losing my content would be a travesty so knowing it was in good hands was a relief.

But Shannon is not just techie, she’s also pretty creative and has the glowing personality to match!

When I found out she was heading to South Africa with her partner Tyron to visit his family, I asked her to create a video for this blog!

What she came back with was a fantastic edition to the ‘Backpack With Brock Foodbyte’ and the first video guest post on the blog!

In this edition she features potjiekos which translates to ‘small pot food’. There is more info on the meal here.

It has to be said that Shannon did a superb job of editing this video together, showing us not only the food, but the process of how it’s made and even has a background story for the meal and it’s history!

Thank you Shannon! It looks pretty darn yummy!

Shannon is now currently on her very own backpacking adventure. With my Adventure Coaching business I took her through the stages of how to travel the world and I’m happy to report she’s having a blast.

You can follow her adventures here.

Does potjiekos look like something you’d eat?

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