The Friday Five – Tips for Your First Few Days on the Road

You do a lot of prep before you start backpacking, but what about those first couple days? The adjustment period if you will? Here’s Five things every backpacker should know about their first few days on the road.

Big thanks to Chloe & Keiran. You guys rock and made that bus ride awesome!

13 thoughts on “The Friday Five – Tips for Your First Few Days on the Road”

  1. Hey, I agree with it all, except the smile. It works dependent on where you are and where you are going.

  2. Hey Brock,
    Love the site and your vids!! I’m totally with you about asking the locals. Good luck with everything on your trip.

  3. @Jenn & Ben – Hey you two! Thanks for checking out the site and for getting me started here in NZ. Lovin’ the country.

  4. Practicing with a FULL backpack at home is so important! Good tip.
    Also, I’d agree somewhat with MM about the “smile” part. In MOST places I’d say men can get away with a smile as a greeting and it all depends on the situation. If you’re in a “service industry” situation like what I think Brock was referring to (ie: getting a plane ticket) smile away! But with strangers I’d use more caution in some places.
    ……I got a little roughed up in Moscow for smiling at the wrong kind of person in the wrong kind of neighbourhood!

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