8 thoughts on “Chillin’ in Auckland New Zealand”

  1. Hey Brock! It’s your second cousin Emily. Just want to give you support for your trip(s)!!! I think that what your doing is really cool! I wish I could do it someday! Me and my mom watch your vids, I think their REALLY cool and REALLY funny. loved the one with the ball!!! GOOD LUCK!!! HAVE FUN!!!

  2. Oh my days… that beach looks amazing! looks like there’s a lot going on too. The weather seems brill; I’ve just noticed that the way you’re travelling you’ll have 1 year of summer…. smooth move 😀

  3. Hi Brock, It was great having you stay with us, sounds like you are having a great time here in New Zealand.I have really enjoyed all your bloggs and look forward to following you around the world.
    Michael is still in Surfers Paradise Australia, and also having a grand time I believe.
    Bye for now
    Fisher Family Auckland

  4. @The Fishers – Clare! SO great to hear from you. I had a fantastic time in your country and couldn’t have started it off better than staying with you. Thank-you so much for the hospitality. Glad you checked out the site and tune in anytime.

  5. @Emily – Thanks you two. Glad you checked in. You can certainly do it someday. It’s easier than you might think. Stay tuned for videos explaining how.

  6. Um, Brock, you are the whitest white guy that ever whited. I adore you, but you basically glow! I hope you get a tan as I watch these videos.

  7. @Matt – I am actually nursing a wicked sun burn at the current time. The sun tan shall come soon I hope. Stay tuned.

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